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Scent as Design

Design / by Eva Wisten / March 23, 2010

This week, scientists, designers, and artists will gather in New York to discuss how our lives could be transformed by recognizing scent as design.

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    At some point during the show, VL started growing too fast. It was time to stop it. But did that mean killing it?

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    [Video] Is it possible to create a complete model of the human brain? Henry Markram explains that it will to take a computer 20,000 times more powerful than any that exists today.


Greener Pastures

Dominant theory says that desertification is caused by overgrazing. Operation Hope, winner of the 2010 Buckminster Fuller Challenge, has upended this idea—restoring degraded African grasslands into lush, green pasture.


Dynamic by Design

Jessica Banks and Andrew Laska, the co-founders of the design firm RockPaperRobot, are using science and technology to change the meaning of “furniture.”


The Scent of Design

Commissioned by HEADSPACE, five designers—dubbed “accidental perfumers”—joined bona fide scent experts to explore the intersection of creativity and smell.


The Science of Stuff

A visual tour of the colorful, the strange, and the super-strong in the Material ConneXion library, where new forms of cloth, concrete, metal, and more line the walls.

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