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Power Player / by Evan Lerner / January 25, 2010

The host’s of Current TV’s Max and Jason: Still Up are on a mission to inspire the planet by connecting science and culture, and having a good time while doing it. How social networks are driving the exponential growth of ideas.

Now In Business

  • The Enchanter of Objects

    David Rose on how his new company will get people to take their medicine and what Frodo Baggins’s sword can teach us about ubiquitous computing.

  • Serious Fun

    Kodu doesn’t have realistic graphics, huge explosions, or even a way to win. But it just might change the way we think about the world.

  • Adapting to a New Economy

    An evolutionary perspective on economics can explain how we got into this current mess, and how we might find our way out.

  • Bridging the Gulf

    Science and technology parks could replace Arab oil with Arab IP as the region's economic driver.

  • Ecology of Finance

    A growing cadre of biologists argues that ecosystem analysis of the world economy might stave off a repeat of 2008's financial catastrophe.

  • Report From Dubai

    Last November, the World Economic Forum convened thought leaders and heads of industry to discuss the state of the world. Seed followed up to ask where we go from here.

  • Robert Tjian on Funding Innovation

    The recently appointed president of HHMI on the importance of creativity and innovation for the future of funding science.

  • The Market Force of Nature

    Putting the "invisible hand" to work for nature could reshape the values of capitalism.

  • China’s Environmental Blacklist

    Shining the light on international companies that haven’t heard China’s gone green.

Week in Review

Bottom of the Barrel

A new book argues that marketplace innovations will make the future brighter, better, and more prosperous, but is such unbounded optimism rational?

Power Player

The Mom-and-Pop Water Shop

Microbiologist Ranjiv Khush and hydrologist Jeff Alberts are bringing an entrepreneurial approach to an age-old dilemma: how to bring clean, safe water to the developing world.

Power Player

Bioplastics Man

Biochemist Oliver Peoples explains how his polymer-producing microbes could transform the plastics industry and why both oceans and landfills will benefit.

Power Player

A Rocket for the 21st Century

Former astronaut Franklin Chang-Diaz explains how his plasma rocket engine could revolutionize space travel and why we need nuclear power in space.

Now on

  • Ideas

    I Tried Almost Everything Else

    John Rinn, snowboarder, skateboarder, and “genomic origamist,” on why we should dumpster-dive in our genomes and the inspiration of a middle-distance runner.

  • Ideas

    Going, Going, Gone

    The second most common element in the universe is increasingly rare on Earth—except, for now, in America.

  • Ideas

    Earth-like Planets Aren’t Rare

    Renowned planetary scientist James Kasting on the odds of finding another Earth-like planet and the power of science fiction.

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