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The Ancient, Distant, and Dead

Slideshow / by Greg Boustead / March 4, 2010

Inspired by scientific research, Katie Paterson creates art based on data from faraway melting glaciers, long-dead stars, and the initial moments of the universe.

Now In Arts

  • Life Imitating Life

    Life, as the expression goes, isn’t always pretty. But with a few tricks of the lab, life in its simplest, single-celled forms can be manipulated into a thing of preternatural beauty.

  • When Science Asks, “What If?”

    The visions of tomorrow inspire the actions we take today. Science fiction is as much a reflection of society's deep fascination with science as it is an agent of change for its future course.

  • The Exquisite Corpse of Science

    Drawings from science communicator Tim Jones' worldwide art mosaic that asks scientists, journalists, students, and others what science means to them.

  • Surreal Science

    Tiles in a worldwide sci-art mosaic explore what science means to writers, scientists, school children, and others.

  • At the Edge of Perception

    Artist Luke Jerram's work explores the limits of science and art, challenging the boundaries of both.

  • Luke Jerram: Objectively Inspired

    The stunning work of an enigmatic artist. "We’re imposing our culture on scientific data whether we like it or not."

  • Portfolio: Flight Patterns

    Richard Barnes's photographs of birds’ flight patterns above a Rome suburb highlight the tension between the individual and the collective.

  • The Wagnerian Method

    Physicists investigate the grand artistic vision of one of the most influential artists of the last two centuries.

  • The Rorschach Paintings

    In creating her new series, Pareidolia, artist and chemist Vesna Jovanovic detected biomorphic and medical forms in blots of ink.

  • Opera in the Fifth Dimension

    In Hypermusic Prologue, physicist Lisa Randall re-imagines her extradimensional theories of the universe as opera.

From the Studio

Saved by Science

Artist Justine Cooper's large-format photographs document the intersection of science, curation, and the endurance of human curiosity.


Music of the Spheres

The composers of One Ring Zero’s new astronomy-themed album, PLANETS, discuss the scientific inspiration behind their music.


The Pre-Electric Slide

In the mid-1800s, hobbyists’ microscopes and slides took up a place beside the piano in the parlor. Explore a selection of antique slides of remarkable precision and beauty.


The Age of Impossible Numbers

In Running the Numbers, photographer Chris Jordan attempts to convey the vastness of modern consumption with clever visualizations.

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  • Ideas

    I Tried Almost Everything Else

    John Rinn, snowboarder, skateboarder, and “genomic origamist,” on why we should dumpster-dive in our genomes and the inspiration of a middle-distance runner.

  • Ideas

    Going, Going, Gone

    The second most common element in the universe is increasingly rare on Earth—except, for now, in America.

  • Ideas

    Earth-like Planets Aren’t Rare

    Renowned planetary scientist James Kasting on the odds of finding another Earth-like planet and the power of science fiction.

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