Spring flowers

2016 Canadian Tulip Festival

Brant Florist TulipsThe Canadian Tulip Festival is one of our favourite flower festivals, held in Ottawa city each year. This year the festival runs from May 12-23 at the Aberdeen Tulip Pavilion at Lansdowne Park.

The story of the tulip festival goes back to the 1940’s when the Dutch Royal Family was exiled out of the Netherlands. The family found safety and lived in Ottawa for five years before going back to the Netherlands.

As a way of expressing her gratitude for her stay in Canada, Princess Juliana sent many gifts back to the people of Canada. One gift was 100,000 tulip bulbs, with a request to plant them on the grounds of the Ottawa Civic Hospital. Juliana continued to send tulip bulbs to Canada each year until 1980.

The ]display of tulips around Ottawa generated great interest from Canadians and quickly became a tourist attraction at springtime.

Today, over 1 million tulips bloom throughout the Tulip Route, and The Canadian Tulip Festival now includes entertainment and activities for all ages during the week that the festival runs.

As flower enthusiasts at Brant Florist, we are excited that the National Tulip Festival is just around the corner. This means that local tulips will be springing up all around your town as well, providing colourful reminders that spring is finally here.

These flowers bloom in so many perfect for springtime colours, there are so many combinations you can create. Tulips are a sure way to liven up your home or office. Visit the Brant Florist Tulips page for beautiful tulip arrangements this spring!

Spring Flowers, an Informative Guide

php2jzzwtam.jpgSpring flowers are loved around the world because they are the herald of the Earth’s return to life after the long dark of winter. Aside from spotting a robin, seeing the first shoots pushing up out of the earth is often our first sign that spring is near. As such, spring flowers are perfect symbols of life, birth, and positive energy.

Springtime has long been celebrated for a myriad of reasons. In fact, it’s hard not to find something to celebrate about. The ground thaws, meaning planting can take place and that food shortages are no longer going to be an issue. The snows melt and the ice goes away, and the need for warm clothing becomes less pressing. Continue reading