Choosing the perfect corsage and boutonniere for prom!

The end of June means that school is coming to an end, and it is prom and graduation time!

Prom and graduation ceremonies are important traditions symbolizing the transition out of highschool and onto the next phase of a person’s life. This transition is celebrated with a formal end of year ceremony and party, complete with beautiful gowns and tuxedos. Traditionally, the outfit for prom isn’t complete without a corsage for the lady and a boutonniere for the gentleman. Here are some ideas for choosing the perfect flower arrangement for yourself or your date to prom!

Prom corsage Brant Florist

Match the dress

It’s common to match the corsage and boutonniere to the colour of the lady’s dress. Once you’ve found that perfect dress for prom, you can shop for a corsage for yourself, or a boutonniere for your date that matches perfectly! If you’re buying a corsage for your date, make sure to inquire about the colour of her dress before corsage shopping.

Order early

It’s a good idea to place your order as soon as you know what colour you’re looking for to ensure the best selection. However, it’s not a good idea to pick up your order early. Ask a real florist for delivery on the day before prom so it’s as fresh as possible when it gets to you.


The night before prom, keep your small flower arrangements in their plastic containers and store them in the refrigerator. This will keep them looking fresh and will keep their colour and shape for the big night.

Spray the flowers

Before putting your corsage or boutonniere in the fridge, spray the ends of the flowers with water from a spray bottle. If you do this, it will keep the buds hydrated and fresh for longer, so you can avoid wilting flowers at the end of prom night.

Don’t wait too long to order your perfect corsage and boutonniere for the big night. Browse our prom corsage and boutonniere selection and call Brant Florist at 905-639-7001 to place your order for the perfect prom corsage or boutonniere.

Prom Flowers – Behind the Tradition

Prom Flowers – Introduction

Prom flowers have a long and popular tradition amongst young people. Both the corsage and the boutonniere have existed for many years and are integral components of any successful prom. When planning your dress or suit, make sure to coordinate with your date so that your prom flowers match. You don’t want to show up to the prom with mismatched flowers, after all!

Prom Flowers – The Corsage

It is usually customary for the man to buy a corsage for his date. It can be either of the pin-on variety, or the type that can be worn about the wrist. You can also consider a modified nosegay that can be carried in the hand, should you so desire. It is a good idea to know what color dress your date is wearing so that the corsage you choose doesn’t clash. Keep this in mind when making your selection, although you ultimately may want the corsage to remain a surprise. Continue reading

Prom Decorations Planning Guide

Prom Decorations are an Important Tradition

The prom culminates the end of years of hard work, new friendships and good memories. For many it’s the single-most important part of their entire school experience, often beating out the graduation ceremony itself. It’s no surprise, given these facts, that planning plays an important role for everyone attending. Dresses, suits, prom decorations and limousine rentals are all things to consider.

The prom decorations themselves are a very important tradition, with each piece playing a specific special role in the celebration. When planning for your prom, it’s important to choose prom decorations that suit your personal taste and style while making sure they match those of your date. A perfectly-planned prom can be a great experience and one you’ll never forget. Continue reading