Watering Plants: A Guide for New Gardeners

Watering Plants Essential to their Survival

Whether you are maintaining an elaborate outdoor garden or are nursing a single seedling in a pot on your kitchen windowsill, watering plants is going to be a reality. It’s the single-most important thing required for keeping them alive next to sunlight exposure, and one of the most commonly neglected or misunderstood aspects of growing plants.

The two most common causes of death in house and garden plants are under-watering and over-watering. What this means is that people, while watering plants, will either do so infrequently enough to starve the roots or often enough to flood and drown them. A careful balance is required to ensure that watering plants is successful, and can be one of the most difficult parts of gardening to learn. Continue reading

Lucky Bamboo Grower’s Guide

Lucky Bamboo Brings Good Fortune

Eastern spirituality and symbolism has always been popular in the west, and is enjoying a great boom of interest that has expanded over the past several years. Lucky bamboo plants cater to this interest by being both a symbol of that spirituality and by providing an interesting, unusual and attractive alternative to other varieties of common houseplant.

Lucky bamboo is sturdy, easy to grow and rewarding to have around if you take the time to let it thrive. A combination of these facts has caused many people to start growing and caring for lucky bamboo plants. Whether or not they are kept solely for ornamental value or to instead hopefully bring their owner good fortune, lucky bamboo plants can make a great addition to your home. Continue reading

Green Plants a Healthy Natural Decoration

Green Plants as a Great Alternative Decorationphpeiryq6am.jpg

There’s something almost mystical about the appeal of green plants. For nearly all of us the outdoors is the perfect place to get away from it all. It’s a retreat from the drab grays and browns of the city and allows us to remember our roots as a rural species. Green plants are the perfect tools of relaxation and one of the greatest aspects of nature thanks to their sheer versatility.

Green plants have so many benefits that they might be considered the greatest things on earth. In fact, this is actually a fairly accurate description. Without trees, bushes and other large green plants, there’d be no oxygen in the atmosphere and thus nothing for us to breathe. In a sense, we owe our very existence to the presence of green plants on the planet. Continue reading