Home and Garden

Home and Garden: Working Together for Perfection

Home and Garden Symbiosis and its Importance

To many people there is nothing greater than owning your own house. It can be considered the symbol of ultimate success. Growing up, many of us envied the power that our parents had in determining what went on in and around the home, making it only natural for ourselves to strive for similar control of our own. It is through this control that we can feel truly important.

One of the greatest appeals to home ownership is that everything which goes in inside the house is under your jurisdiction. It is literally your own castle, with you as the head of state. If you don’t like the kitchen you can replace it. If you detest the carpet in the den you can have it replaced with hardwood for a more elegant look. These choices are yours alone, and you need not seek permission to make them happen.
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The Garden of Eden – An Historical Overview

Garden of Eden in the Beginning

According phpstjgmmam.jpgto the Book of Genesis, the Garden of Eden is where the first humans, Adam and Eve, were sent to dwell after having been created by God. According to Genesis, God molded Adam from the very dust of the Earth and then created Eve out of one of Adam’s ribs. God then commanded them to live in and tend to the Garden of Eden.

Central to the story is the commandment from God to not eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The story goes that Eve was eventually quizzed by the serpent dwelling in the tree about why she avoids eating the fruit of the tree. In the dialogue between the two, Eve elaborates on the commandment not to eat of its fruit. She says that even if she touches the tree she will die. The serpent responds that she will not die, rather she would become like God, knowing good and evil. Continue reading