The Burlington Horticultural Society Flower Show

The Burlington Horticultural Society is a volunteer, non-profit organization. Their members have a mission to make and keep Burlington beautiful with plants, gardens and flowers around the community. For those who love to garden, the Burlington Horticultural Society is there to support your passion.

Burlington Horticultural Society Flower ShowThe first June meeting the Burlington Horticultural Society is having is also a Flower Show open to the public. This annual flower show invites local horticulturalists – both aspiring and seasoned – to enter their flowers into the show to be recognized for their green thumbs and beautifully grown flora. This gathering of locally grown flowers draws Burlington residents to the show to admire and enjoy. This will be a night for admiring local flowers and learning a little something as well, about flowers and gardens and how they grow in a different part of the world.

The guest speaker this year is Virginia Jameson, giving a talk on Gardens of Switzerland, which are numerous and spectacular.

As flower enthusiasts ourselves at Brant Florist, we are delighted that spring and summer flowers are so joyously and publically celebrated locally in our town as well as around the world. Among their many benefits, flowers bring people together! We’re excited to come together around flowers in Burlington for this year’s Flower Show in June.

The Burlington Horticultural Flower Show takes place on June 8, 2016 at the Burlington Seniors’ Centre – 2285 New St. Burlington, Ontario from 7:30pm-10:00pm.

Visit or contact for more information.

Japanese Garden History and Growing Advice

The basic fundamental principle of a Japanese garden is the effective capture and display of natural themes. What this means is that when designing a great Japanese garden, you need to focus on creating things that look natural and not man-made. Every element of such a garden is based on reality. Nothing that can’t be found in the wild should be included in a Japanese garden.

For example, such things as square ponds, fountains, artificial materials and advanced technology are inappropriate as one cannot locate them in a natural setting. To make a Japanese garden work, you must yourself work within the limits that nature sets.
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Herb Garden Fundamentals

Herb Garden Growing Appeal

Growing an herb garden can be as rewarding as it can be fun and inspirational. Unlike regular flowers and plants, herbs are generally grown for specific uses. You can use them in cooking, as natural remedies or in homeopathic medicine. All of these reasons combine with the pleasant appearance and fragrances that are associated with an herb garden to make one a great project for your home.

The vast majority of herb plants are small, meaning you won’t require a gigantic area that would be more suitable for a typical vegetable garden. Tiny gardens work well if you are only planning to include a limited selection of herbs. You can even grow an herb garden on an apartment balcony using box or stand-up planters, making it effective and efficient even in minimal space situations.
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