Garden equipment

Garden Tillers for Home Use

Garden Tillers and the Technology behind Them

Garden tillers are amongst the greatest agricultural advancements known to man. Along with plows and other similar advancements, they allow individuals or small groups of people to easily accomplish a task that would normally require an astronomical amount of labor and effort. This time saving allows for large projects to be undertaken, and can result in high-yield farms and gardens.

Garden tillers themselves come in several basic formats. All are motorized, and depend on the rotation of blades to agitate the soil in your yard or field. Self-propelled varieties use an engine and propulsion system much like a tractor or other device so that you aren’t required to draw them manually. These varieties are usually limited to agricultural projects due to their size and cost. Continue reading

Garden Tractors for Home Improvement

Garden Tractors Can Help With Anything

Garden tractors are one of the pinnacles of agricultural engineering. They take the utility and versatility of farming tractors and shrink them down into formats perfect for use around the home. There are many different varieties of garden tractors, each of which is specialized for specific usage. The general term for these smaller garden tractors is CUT or “Compact Utility Tractor.”

The basic principle of a tractor is providing a vehicle that is capable of generating large amounts of traction at low speeds. The name itself derives from this basic function. The traction is generated by large wheels specially designed to dig into the earth and by a powerful motor to drive this assembly. The most common use of garden tractors and their larger farming siblings is that of pulling a large object. Continue reading

Garden Tools – Guide for New Gardeners

Garden Tools – Historical Introduction

As with any form of work, gardening requires the careful and efficient use of garden tools to be done properly. It is these tools that can transform an impossible or difficult task into something easy and enjoyable, and it is they that allow you to create the gardening results that you are striving to achieve.

The use of tools is what defines humanity. When asked what the definition of “sentience” or advanced life is, many scientists will state that the use of tools is an important characteristic. By adapting to their environment, early humans managed to survive trying times that would be extremely challenging without this ability. Tools were integral in this.

The very first tools were adapted to hunting and gathering purposes. By affixing a sharpened rock to the end of a stick using tendons or strips of animal hide, the killing power of a single human was enhanced to the point where he could take down prey that would normally be out of his reach. The use of stones to grind and carve allowed humans to prepare food in more effective ways.

The advancement of humanity can be directly tied into the advancement of tools themselves. With greater advancements came the ability to produce and build greater things. Weapons, structures, techniques, art and even new tools themselves all owe their existence to the use of existing ones. As such, it is this use of tools that humanity owes its present state of advancement to.

Garden Tools – The Guide

The vast majority of garden tools are enhancements or descendants of ancient farming implements. Many of the designs are so sound that improvement is nearly impossible, and so these garden tools have found their way into the garages and sheds of homes around the world. We’ve put together some descriptions and recommendations for the most common varieties of garden tools: Continue reading