Gift cards With Flower Delivery

Make Your Message Special

When we think of flowers or plants, we often consider them mere gifts without completely understanding why we give them to another person. We’ll see flower baskets, full of nature’s colourful beauty, and not realize we’re sending a heartfelt message to another – perhaps even the receiver doesn’t fully appreciate this!

Your florist knows this well, however, and understands the roses you deliver to someone you care about, or the bouquets you deliver as a gift, or even the floral arrangements you have made for a funeral all say something deeply important to you.

So what can you do to make your message clearer the next time you send flowers? And how can ordering your flowers online assist you in this endeavour? When you order and send your flowers online with a real florist (such as Brant Florist) you’ll have the chance to fill out a free gift card that will be included in your flower delivery.

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