Gourmet Fruit Gift Basket Ideas

Gourmet Fruit Gift Basket Uses

A gourmet fruit gift basket can be the answer to all of your gift-giving needs. This creative and thoughtful gift combines beauty and uniqueness with healthy and delicious practical applications. Whether or not you’re stumped for a gift for someone or are instead shopping for that one person who has it all, a gourmet fruit gift basket can fill the niche very nicely.

One of the great things about a gourmet fruit gift basket is that it’s a cut above even regular baskets, which are also excellent choices. What defines a gourmet fruit gift basket is the inclusion of rare, exotic or unusual fruits that one might not normally expect. This has great benefit in that it’s more unique than a traditional apples and oranges variety and offers the recipient a chance to try something they’ve never had before.

Gourmet Fruit Gift Basket Combinations

An interesting fact is that a gourmet fruit gift basket need not be limited to only fruit. You can add in other items like jams, candles, chocolate and more to add a personalized touch of variety. Consider the benefits of combining someone’s favorite fruit with a jam of the same variety. This means that they can enjoy the fruit fresh and ripe from the basket and spread on toast with their morning coffee.

Another creative combination involves the pairing of candles with the rest of the ingredients in your gourmet fruit gift basket. Again, if a specific favorite is included in the basket, adding in candles that burn with the same scent can be a very nice touch.

Gourmet Fruit Gift Basket Ingredient Ideas

As mentioned above, a gourmet fruit gift basket is a cut above the regular kind. Although it’s still a great idea to include such staples as apples and oranges, you have many other options at your disposal. The following are all good suggestions for inclusion in a gourmet fruit gift basket:

· Mango – Mangoes are one of the most popular fruits in the world, and are a perfect choice to feature in your gourmet fruit gift basket. They are both healthy and delicious, with a high sugar and water content that lends itself to making the mango a great summer fruit.

· Star Fruit – Star fruit are unique and delicious large berries that, when cut, most often show a five or six-pointed shape, lending itself to the name. Star fruit are crunchy and have a slightly tart sweet taste that many find similar to apples or pears.

· Dragon Fruit – Dragon fruit are the fruit of a cactus species found commonly in Mexico and Central America. Eaten raw, it has a mildly sweet taste that is generally well-liked. Tiny black seeds resembling those of a kiwifruit have caused comparisons of both species.

Advantages of a Gourmet Fruit Gift Basket

The gourmet fruit gift basket makes one of the best choices for nearly every occasion. Not only is it unique and attractive and possessing of healthy and delicious foods, but it also has the benefit of being something that people can share. As such, think of a gourmet fruit gift basket as not so much a personal gift, but rather one for the entire family of the recipient.

Christmas time is a prime example of when a gourmet fruit gift basket is an excellent choice. You can visit your local florist’s store and place an order, asking them to combine delicious fruits with Christmas-themed decorations. Because your florist is dedicated to providing quality service and merchandise, you can rest assured that what you buy will be a great item indeed.

This sharing advantage lends itself well to other occasions that aren’t necessarily holidays. Birthdays and office parties are especially suitable for a gift basket of this nature, as the very nature of such gatherings guarantee the presence of many people to enjoy your gift.

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