How Much For A Wedding Present?

How much money do you give for a wedding present? – Rules, Ideas and Suggestions

When attending the wedding of a friend or family member, it’s important to know how much money to give as a present. This article explains not only that, but other types of presents that you can consider.

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How much money should you give as a wedding present?

The question of how much money one should give as a wedding present is one that we all consider from time to time. What amount is appropriate? How can you be sure it’s not too little or too much? These questions and more are answered within this article.

Depending on how well you know the couple getting married, how much money to give for their wedding present is based entirely on what you’re comfortable giving. It’s important to consider whether or not too small or too large a gift would be viewed as unusual or insulting. A safe figure that is generally accepted is anywhere between $50-100. More is perfectly fine if you are well-acquainted with the newlyweds or if you are a family member. If you are in a financial situation that doesn’t allow you to be overly generous with your spending, a smaller amount is also acceptable.

The bottom line is that, no matter the size of your gift, it will surely be appreciated. A small gift is still a gift, and bound to make the recipient happy. In addition to the amount you choose, there are other options available as well. Continue reading to learn more.

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Suggestions in addition to how much money to give as a wedding present

Aside from how much money to give as a wedding present, there are other things to consider. One thing is the possibility of sending along flowers to the ceremony, reception and/or home of the couple. Flowers have a lengthy tradition of service at weddings, extending back for hundreds of years into history all around the world. It’s impossible to go wrong with a gift of flowers, which is what makes them such a great choice as a gift to compliment your financial donation. Which color and variety of flowers to buy is important to consider, but that is something that your florist will be happy to help with.

Floral arrangements including bouquets and baskets are both excellent ideas, especially since they can be personalized with a card containing a message to the newlyweds. They will find it that much easier to celebrate their special day with such a well thought-out gift. A basket can contain scented candles to enjoy on the honeymoon, or a pair of teddy bears dressed up as a bride or groom. The combinations are really limitless. Flowers make a great wedding present in addition to how much money you give.

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A florist can suggest how much money and other gifts, to give as a wedding present

If at any time you ever have any questions about how much money to give or alternatives to cash as a wedding present, your local florist is both well equipped and happy to offer their advice and suggestions.
You can phone them, pop by their store, or even visit their website where you will find a wealth of helpful information awaiting you.

The website is useful in other ways as well, because it allows you to select and purchase an order without needing to leave your own home. Guaranteed same-day delivery anywhere in the country means that even if you forget a gift, last-minute flower orders will still arrive on time looking fresh and beautiful. Guaranteed next-day international delivery means that you can send a gift along even if you aren’t able to attend yourself. A large number of options are available to you on the florist’s website for your convenience.

If you still have any questions or concerns regarding flowers or how much money to give as a wedding present feel free to contact a florist at any time for advice. They’ll be happy to use their experience to give you an idea of what your best choices are.

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