Fruit and Wine Gift Basket Buyer’s Guide

When considering what type of present to get a friend or relative you might be wondering how to keep it unique, creative and personal without costing you a fortune. Rather than giving in and going the boring route of gift certificates or lottery tickets in a card, a fruit and wine gift basket allows you to meet all of the above requirements.

The customization options alone make this a phenomenal gift when compared to more mundane alternatives. If your recipient has a specific taste or interest you can most certainly include it within the basket itself to result in an enjoyable and highly personal item. A fruit and wine gift basket in particular grants you tremendous options when it comes to customization.

By determining such factors as which types of wine go well with which varieties of fruit, and by figuring out which other items to add into the mix, you can produce the perfect gift for your loved ones. Not only will they be very pleased to receive your arrangement, but they also won’t be secretly thinking “Great, another gift certificate.”

Things to Know About Ordering a Fruit and Wine Gift Basket

There are some important things to keep in mind when ordering a fruit and wine gift basket. We’re going to divide this into two sections based on nation to assist both Canadian and American readers:

· Fruit and Wine Gift Basket Ordering in Canada

You may find that you run into potential snags when trying to order a fruit and wine gift basket in Canada. As of now, only Alberta gives license to florists to include wine in their baskets. If you live in any of the other provinces you might find it more difficult to get this done.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways around this. For example, you could bring your own bottle of wine and ask them to insert it into the basket. In addition, many are willing to nonchalantly include a bottle into the fruit and wine gift basket after-hours if you ask them.

Before trying to order a fruit and wine gift basket, be sure to ask your local florist if they are capable of doing this. Some are unwilling to break regulations, meaning that you may need to come up with a substitute instead (sparkling wines, for example, make an excellent alternative).

· Fruit and Wine Gift Basket Ordering in the United States

The process is much easier in the US, as most American florists carry a license to include liquor in their products. This means that you can easily arrange for a quality fruit and wine gift basket without running into any of the trouble that you might north of the border. It is still possible that your florist may not have a license, however, so still be sure to ask just in case to save time.

Concluding Advice about Fruit and Wine Gift Basket Ordering

In order to buy a fruit and wine gift basket you need simply visit your florist’s store to place the order itself. Specify that you wish to include alcohol in the package and use the above suggestions if needed to work around local policy.

One piece of valuable advice is to give your florist at least a day or two of notice so that they can prepare and acquire the ingredients for the fruit and wine gift basket. They’ll be heading out to local markets and stores to get fresh items, meaning that the extra time can help them overcome limited availability or to track down rare items.

By arranging for delivery you can have your fruit and wine gift basket sent directly to the door of a friend or family member. This is great for holidays if you’ll be off on vacation or if you are unable to attend a gathering they are running. By providing them with the fruit and wine gift basket your greetings and love goes along with it.

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