Fruit Basket Arrangements

Fruit Basket History

The fruit basket is one of the oldest and most traditional gifts in European history. It is thought to date back to the earliest days of agriculture as a staple gift of the countryside and had special prominence during times of harvest, when fresh fruit would be in great abundance. It was common for villagers to present their friends and neighbors with a fresh fruit basket in order to share the bounty of the earth.

Recipients of a fruit basket would preserve and store the majority of the items within for enjoyment at a later date, and a fruit basket was often responsible for being the only source of dessert foods in the winter months. The fruit basket took on another use as a high-class gift during the 1800s, when exotic fruits that were as-yet difficult to come by were used as prize items for exchange amongst the wealthy.

Modern Fruit Basket Uses

Gone are the days when we need to stock up on food for the winter thanks to advancements in agriculture, preservation and the development of super markets. Regardless, the fruit basket remains an effective and powerful gift suitable and perfect for nearly every occasion. The modern appeal lies in both the creative unique nature of a fruit basket and the health benefits when compared to other kinds.

It is these health benefits that are contributing to a rapid increase in popularity in the fruit basket as a modern gift. Rather than offer chocolates, candy or other unhealthy items, a person can instead present a friend or family member with an attractively delicious and healthy alternative. This can be perfect as a gift for a senior citizen or a person recovering from an illness, and likewise for someone watching their weight.

How to Order a Fruit Basket

Having decided upon making a fruit basket your next gift purchase, you may be wondering where the best location for acquiring one is. Fortunately, your local florist offers affordable, attractive and highly-customizable baskets that are sure to suit your needs. In fact, it’s a sure bet that no matter how unique or complex you want your order to be, your florist can prepare exactly what you’re looking for.

You can visit the florist’s shop in person to go over the details with the helpful staff or, if you prefer, you can browse, select and order from their website. It is advisable to place your order one or two days ahead of time so that the florist can best prepare your fruit basket while minimizing possible complications. This is especially important for complex or exotic designs.

Your Florist’s Commitment to Quality

Your florist is committed to presenting only the highest quality items, and takes your fruit basket order very seriously. In order to ensure maximum freshness, your florist will visit the local market to acquire fruit either on the night before or day of requested delivery. The result is fresh, crisp and delicious fruit that will please and delight whomever you are presenting it to as a gift.

Because of this commitment to quality, giving your florist enough notice means that they can get exactly the right variety for your basket, especially if you’re wishing to include rare or exotic types that can be difficult to find.

Creative Uses for a Fruit Basket

Aside from the above applications, there are a number of occasion-based uses for a fruit basket. Perhaps the chief advantage is selecting such a basket for a person who is traditionally hard to shop for. Everyone loves fresh fruit meaning that you can’t really go wrong if you by them a basket of it.

Birthdays, religious holidays and big family gatherings are also great opportunities to enjoy fruit baskets. One creative and fun idea is to present one as a gift to the host of a party or gathering. Not only will they love this thoughtful gesture, but they’ll also be able to use it for sharing with the other guests. Practicality like that is what makes fruit baskets such great gifts.

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