The Cornucopia

One of the more common symbols of Thanksgiving is the Cornucopia.  The Cornucopia is also a strong symbol of a harvest festival.  Mostly found now as wicker weaved horn shaped baskets, they are commonly used in Thanksgiving flower and fruit centerpieces for the holiday table.  

The Cornucopia is also known as the “horn of plenty”.  It originated from a curved goat’s horn filled with fruits and grains gifted to others.  Story has it that in Greek legend, Amalthea – a goat, started it all by breaking off one of its horns and offering it up to the Greek God Zeus as a sign of reverence and Zeus showed his appreciation by creating the star constellation we know as the Capricorn.  

Come the Thanksgiving season, you will find many tables adorned in various decorated flower Cornucopias.  Is it tradition for your table or mantle to be dressed with a Cornucopia during the Thanksgiving Holiday?  Brant Florist has a wide array of various Cornucopia flower decorations for your holiday tables or mantle.  Here are just a few of them:

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