Healthy Gift Baskets: Delicious and Considerate

Healthy Gift Baskets vs. Traditional Gifts

Gift-giving can be one of the most enjoyable parts of a holiday due to how it allows us to express our creativity while sending specific messages to our loved ones. One of the problems we often encounter, however, is the selection of an appropriate or unique gift that won’t be boring or disliked. Many people resort to gift certificates or cash or the staple box of chocolates.

Fortunately, none of the above is necessary. Rather than take a chance with an uninspired or standard present, consider healthy gift baskets as an alternative. Healthy gift baskets can be customized to meet virtually any personal taste or situational need, and mix creativity with practicality to produce the perfect present.

Healthy gift baskets play hand-in-hand with the modern importance of a quality diet and active lifestyle. With so many obese people in North America, it is important for everyone to be as health-conscious as possible. Chances are that many of the people you know are actively seeking to improve their own levels of fitness. Healthy gift baskets can make a great choice for all of them.

Customizing Healthy Gift Baskets

Many traditional gifts involve highly fattening or sugar-intensive foods that might have a detrimental effect on someone’s diet or workout routine. Sure, these treats are delicious, but that does not mean that healthy gift baskets need to be bland or boring. One of the most popular choices is to put together a collection of delicious fruit to take the place of more traditional candies.

Fruit is sweet, delicious and good for you all in one. By customizing healthy gift baskets to include your recipient’s favorite varieties you can be giving them something they’ll truly enjoy. An apple for a snack, a banana with breakfast or a pear to give them energy before a walk or jog are all superior choices to candies or chocolates and great reasons for choosing healthy gift baskets.

In addition to fruit you can put together other interesting combinations. Organic foods like high-quality multigrain bread and crackers can do well in healthy gift baskets, especially with a low or no-fat cream cheese or spread designed to go with them. Varieties of herbal tea also make a good choice for inclusion; especially ones that help people get to sleep at night (great for friends with insomnia).

How to Order Healthy Gift Baskets

Healthy gift baskets are as easy to order as they are fun to customize. Simply visit your florist’s store and discuss with them the nature of what you wish to buy. Tell them that you are interested in healthy gift baskets so that they know not to include anything fattening or high in sugar. If your recipient has any dietary requirements like lactose-free or kosher foods, now is the time to tell the florist.

It’s best to place your order a day or two in advance of delivery to give the florist enough time to prepare. They will personally travel to the local market or health food store to acquire only the freshest and best ingredients for your healthy gift baskets. Supplying them with extra time lets them track down rarer items you want included or to compensate for a lack of availability.

By arranging for delivery your healthy gift baskets can be shipped right to the door of friends or relatives. This is a superior option if you’ll be going away for the holidays or if you are unable to make it to a gathering due to a prior commitment. By arranging for delivery of your healthy gift baskets you can still send a message of love and caring to your recipients even if you can’t be there to tell them in person.

Gift Cards With Flower Delivery – Make Your Message SpeciAL

When we think of flowers or plants, we often consider them mere gifts without completely understanding why we give them to another person. We’ll see flower baskets, full of nature’s colourful beauty, and not realize we’re sending a heartfelt message to another – perhaps even the receiver doesn’t fully appreciate this!

Your florist knows this well, however, and understands the roses you deliver to someone you care about, or the bouquets you deliver as a gift, or even the floral arrangements you have made for a funeral all say something deeply important to you.

So what can you do to make your message clearer the next time you send flowers? And how can ordering your flowers online assist you in this endeavour? When you order and send your flowers online with a real florist (such as Brant Florist) you’ll have the chance to fill out a free gift card that will be included in your flower delivery.
If you would like free gift cards with flower delivery, click here
to begin choosing your beautiful gift from Brant Florist!

Let’s take Mothers Day for example. You’ve chosen the perfect flower arrangement consisting of her most cherished blossoms – orchids, lilacs, or something more exotic such as sunflowers – but your gift doesn’t seem completely finished.

A rose by any other name smells just as sweet as the saying goes, but a rose given in different circumstances can mean different things. The same goes for any bouquet or arrangement!

So, when you have your beautiful gift delivered to that special woman on her special day, what is it exactly that you’re trying to tell her?

· Are you cherishing her company and motherly wisdom?
· Are you sending her sympathy for having to endure your childhood?
· Are you sending a simple all inclusive “thank you”?

Gift cards with flower delivery make your thoughts all the more special – and clear! You don’t have to write a novel to get your meaning across. Brevity is an art form, and so seems writing the perfect one line message on a card, but you’ll do just fine.

Always remember that the message you’re trying to send is already contained within your floral gift – crafted delicately and thoughtfully by experienced florists – and so consider the words on your card a friendly greeting that sets the bigger stage for what you would like to say. It’s the warm hello preceding a big hug or a touch of condolence.

There are many occasions that could be better recognized with flowers accompanied by a gift card, including a friend’s birthday, an anniversary, Christmas, memorial recognition, Easter, a close friend’s wedding, or any time when you wish to recognize the importance of romance, partnered or kindred love and holiday cheer. The opportunities are endless!

Also keep in mind that fresh flowers aren’t the only types of gifts with hidden messages waiting to be introduced by a card. Gift types of many varieties can have this philosophy applied to them, so be sure to consider all your possibilities when shopping for the perfect message!

Sometimes something as simple as balloons or a fruit basket could greatly benefit from a concisely written message – the receiver will be all the more receptive because of it.

When you shop online with Brant Florist for your flowers and gifts, you’ll notice that a free gift card is included with your order. All you have to do is fill out your thoughts and they will be included in the delivery, making you feel better about your gift – and its message even more meaningful. Be sure to send your flowers the right way!

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