Garden Trellis Landscaping Suggestions

Garden Trellis Practical Use

When you think about a garden trellis, you most likely picture the typical lattice structure that will often line fences or walls to help plants grow upwards. This is the primary function of a garden trellis, and can make it an invaluable tool for gardeners seeking to plant and raise vines or other climbing species. Aside from this, you can creatively alter the purpose of a garden trellis for more interesting means.

We’ll first discuss the practical purpose of a garden trellis, outlining how to properly use it to enhance the growth of your plants and the overall appearance of your yard. Chances are you’ll be considering its use for placement against a wall or fence to help guide climbing plants. This is perfect for ivy, roses, vines and other species known to grow upwards.

When planting climbing varieties, something to keep in mind is how much space you ultimately have to work with. Many species can climb so high that they’ll end up covering the entire side of your house. If this is not your goal, or is something you actively wish to prevent, you’ll need to be sure to employ frequent pruning to control growth.

One strategy to control growth and to assist with climbing is to tie portions of the plant to various segments of your garden trellis. This can keep it steady during windstorms that might damage your plants, but also has the benefit of gently suggesting directions for them to grow in. Twine or garbage bag twist-ties are both good choices for this technique.

Creative Ideas for Alternate Usage

A garden trellis can be an inexpensive way to enhance your home’s exterior. They come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from classical to contemporary styles. No matter the size of style, however, they will always share the same vertical grid feature that makes a garden trellis work the way it does.

You aren’t limited to practical purposes when working with a garden trellis. There are a number of interesting, creative and alternate methods of employing them to meet decorative or privacy-related goals. We’ve outlined some suggestions here that may help you decide how best to use a trellis in your yard:

· Wall Enhancement – Perhaps the most basic artistic use of a garden trellis involves merely affixing it to the side of your house. This is a stand-alone feature from using it to grow plants. Instead, it can liven up boring plain siding by giving it an interesting appearance. When using this method, be sure to pick a trellis that matches the color of your siding or bricks.

· Masking – You can use a small trellis-based enclosure or covering to hide unsightly features of your home. Electrical boxes, electric meters, air conditioners and pool motors can all be covered up with a small fence-like structure erected around them. Just be sure that you don’t make access difficult or impossible, especially with meters that need to be read.

· Barriers – Much like how a strategically-positioned hedge can help block out the noise of a busy street or nearby school, a trellis structure can have a similar purpose. Combining the trellis with dense climbing vines or rose gardens can help to eliminate annoyances while transforming your yard into a masterpiece.

· Privacy – This plays on the above strategy, but expands it to a new level entirely. Consider using a garden trellis to create a small or full-sized fence. This is great if you live in a condo corporation that forbids fencing, or if you don’t like the idea of barricading your home like a fortress.

A good tactic is to tie, nail or otherwise fasten two or three layers of garden trellis together to enhance the sturdiness of the entire structure. Using small fence posts every now and then for additional strength is a good idea. Aim for a standard distance of 24-36 inches to insure the greatest resistance to wind and damage.

· Paths and Gates – You can line walkways with a short section of garden trellis for a miniature picket fence feel, or use them to designate paths throughout your yard. Placing a segment of garden trellis on each side of a fence can give your home a cottage look that will be popular amongst friends and family alike.

Where to Find Supplies and Additional Information

Electing to work with a garden trellis is a fun and useful gardening technique that can transform a simple yard into an elaborate and decorative living space. If you wish to acquire some lengths of garden trellis, or if you are seeking creative inspiration about how to use it to enhance the look of your home, the local garden center is a great place to start. The staff will be able to consider your design plans and make recommendations based on their own gardening expertise.

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