Rose Garden – Planting Guide for New Gardeners

The Appeal of Roses

Roses are the most popular flowers in the world aphp9poyaram.jpgnd have a long tradition in romantic history. To this day, the red rose remains the single-most recognizable symbol of love and affection, and it is these flowers that are widely purchased on Valentine’s Day, for anniversaries and as gifts for significant others in general.

The appeal of roses is twofold. The first and most obvious pleasant characteristic of rose flowers is the attractive appearance of the blooms themselves. A bouquet of roses makes a lovely addition to any room of a house, especially in vibrant varieties like red, pink, white and yellow. Planting a rose garden also has great appeal due to the intense beauty that the plants lend to your yard.

The second appealing characteristic is the enjoyable fragrance of the flowers. Roses are highly valued by the perfume industry due to their almost universally-loved scent. To some, the scent of a rose is the scent of love itself. By having a bouquet in your home you can freshen the air of a room with ease. A rose garden also has the benefit of spreading this aroma about for friends and family to enjoy.

Roses are widely cultivated, with many thousands of varieties and hybrids existing. In the wild alone there are over one hundred known species, which means that the potential breeding stock is wide and varied, and that possible combinations are nearly endless.

It is the pleasure of many botanists to come up with new and exciting varieties of the rose, with particular effort being spent to create ones that are so dark that they appear black in color. Black roses have long been prized and fetch a fair price on the market.

Rose Garden – Growing Roses at Home

Growing a rose garden is a great idea. Not only can you enjoy the incredible beauty and aromatic appeal of these plants, but you can also take comfort in the fact that roses are a hardy and low-maintenance species. Aside from careful pruning that dictates the size and shape of the plant, and the process of de-heading dying or dried flowers to promote re-blooming, you need not worry severely about the welfare of roses living in your yard.

The rose, aside from being a hardy plant that can withstand high temperatures and wind, comes with its own built-in defense mechanism. Commonly known as thorns, but more accurately known as “prickles,” the spiny protrusions of a rose plant can discourage the wanton consumption of your gardens by hungry animals.

In addition to this benefit, the prickles also allow the plant to climb up objects (including trellis’, bricks and even other plants) to reach great heights if allowed to do so. Providing a trellis for your rose garden can produce some very attractive results.

Rose Garden – Planting

There is perhaps more advice in existence about the planting of a rose garden than about any other topic of botany. Rather than sort through all of the varied home-grown strategies, we will instead offer some universal basics that will help to guarantee the healthy state of your rose garden:

· Sun – Roses love the sun, so make sure that your rose garden has as much direct exposure as possible. Avoid planting under large trees or against walls that receive a lot of shade throughout the day.

· Weeds – Eliminating weed competition will help your rose garden to thrive. Spread about four inches of mulch or shredded tree bark to discourage the growth of weeds.

· Water – It’s important to water your rose garden in the morning so that it has time to dry out before nightfall. Consider a drip irrigation system that transfers water directly to the roots while avoiding the leaves.

· Color – Complimenting the colors of your rose bushes is important. By matching colors that work well together, such as pink and white (yellow and white is also popular), you can avoid turning your rose garden into an eyesore.

· Framing – It’s a popular idea to frame your rose garden with a small fence or hedge. Avoid placing this structure on the north side of the plants to prevent casting shade over them during the day.

Rose Garden – Additional Information

You’ll find that gardening with roses is a rewarding experience. The end result of a carefully-planned and prepared rose garden is one that will be enjoyable for many years to come. You will be the envy of friends and neighbors alike with a skillful collection of roses.

Additional benefits include the ability to harvest flowers for use in bouquets that you can present as gifts to friends and family. Of course, if you wish to avoid harming your flowers it may be wise to consider visiting a florist for a source of gift roses. Either way you’ll be creating a traditional and universally-loved arrangement perfect for nearly every occasion.

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