Custom Gift Baskets are the Extra Mile

Custom Gift Baskets Trump the Competition

Custom gift baskets are unique in that, as gifts, they are both highly personal and creative while also being perfect for literally every single occasion that you can think of. Whether you’re buying for a birthday, holiday, wedding or as a get-well present, custom gift baskets are leagues beyond the competition as far as quality and appeal are concerned.

Rather than going down the gift certificate and card road or picking up a pre-made off-the-shelf basket, custom gift baskets allow you to combine a personal message with a very unique design and content that is chosen entirely by you. With a store-bought item you get what’s there and nothing more. With custom gift baskets the entire process is under your own personal control.

Whether you choose custom gift baskets that are based on fruit, candies, flowers, candles or other items is your decision, and based on the needs of your recipient and personal information you have about their likes and dislikes you can assemble something that will surprise and delight them.

How Custom Gift Baskets are made

The beauty of custom gift baskets is that they are both easy to order and highly enjoyable. In order to maintain these truths, your florist will be dedicated to adhering to quality regulations they have established for their business. This is perfectly demonstrated by the process in which custom gift baskets are made.

The first step is to visit their store and tell them what you’re looking for. List any specific desires and anything that should be excluded (due to allergies or dislikes) so they can better know exactly what to get. With this information your florist will then proceed to head out to the local market or an associated supplier to acquire 100% fresh and high-quality items and ingredients.

With custom gift baskets you won’t be finding any pre-made or old items that have been pulled out of a storage room. For a fruit basket your florist will personally hand-pick the freshest and most unblemished pieces from the market stands to ensure maximum enjoyment. For other items they will exercise similar caution and care to make sure that everything is in great shape and capable of meeting their standards.

You’re not limited in what you can include in custom gift baskets. Literally every combination is possible. For example, if your friend or relative is an avid golfer you can include such items as golf balls or tees to add a personalized touch. The florist will head out to get these items just like any others, meaning all you have to do is visit them to tell them what you desire to buy.

Additional Benefits of Custom Gift Baskets

One of the greatest additional benefits of custom gift baskets is the fact that they are holiday-friendly. If you’re buying for Christmas, Easter, Canada Day, Thanksgiving or any other holiday in between, you can specify that you want a holiday them and your florist will ensure that this is done. By combining season-specific treats with appropriate decorations you end up with something suitable for whichever occasion you are getting it for.

Birthdays present another great opportunity to enjoy the benefits of custom gift baskets. Consider the recipient and whether or not they have specific hobbies or interests that would lend themselves well to custom gift baskets. An avid movie-goer might appreciate a DVD or theatre tickets tucked in with tasty snacks or other items.

On the same hand, you can enjoy custom gift baskets for Valentine’s Day or for anniversaries and other romantically-significant events. Combine chocolates with traditional decorations to send a potent message of love to your significant other that will be hard to ignore.

For an extra creative spin on things, consider discussing with your florist the prospect of hiding an engagement ring in its box within basket of your beloved’s favorite things. If that doesn’t generate a positive response, then not much else will. For any other suggestions, your florist will be happy to provide tips and information to make the procedure as easy and fun as possible.

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