Garden Supplies Required for Success

Garden Supplies and Their Importance

Much like with any professional or serious project that you might be undertaking, gardening relies on the presence of a healthy supply of important garden supplies. Without these basic cornerstones you will find it more difficult, if not impossible, to plant and maintain healthy gardens around your home. This article will discuss and outline the most critical garden supplies that you’ll need to begin work.

Before you buy any supplies, however, you need to begin the planning phase of your project. Assess the size of your yard and determine how much space you have to work with. If you’ll be creating a large network of flower beds or an enormous vegetable garden, you’ll require larger and additional garden supplies to succeed. On the other hand, if you’re working with a small bed or other limited area you will need far less.

Draw up your plans on graph paper so that you always have something to refer to when considering new ideas. You can take these plans with you to a garden center to enlist the aid of helpful and friendly staff, all of whom should be able to make recommendations based on your plans. Buying too few or too many garden supplies will hinder your project, so it’s best to be prepared.

Determining Which Garden Supplies You Need

Once you’ve completed this planning phase you’ll have a better idea of what it is you require. We’ll start with the assumption that you’re planning a small garden, something along the lines of a walkway-lining section next to your house or a small bed around a tree. The following basic garden supplies will be required for optimal performance and success:

· Spade – The spade can be considered the sword of the gardener. It is the single-most useful tool you can possess and has a wide variety of handy uses. The greatest function is the ability to dig holes in the planned garden area. Spades are designed to punch through the earth with ease, allowing you to use your body weight on small metal steps for added effect.

In addition to this, you can use a spade as a regular shovel to transfer manure or topsoil from bags to your flower bed. You can also use them as a transportation device of sorts by balancing small shrubs or flowers on the blade as you move them around. This can save you from getting your hands dirty, and uses leverage to reduce the strain you might put on your back from regular lifting.

· Hand shovel – Hand shovels are the little brother of the spade. These trusty little garden supplies allow you to make small holes for the planting of flowers, and are great for digging up areas that don’t require a huge amount of work. In addition, you can use a small hand shovel to pile or hill dirt around the base of plants for drainage.

As far as small flower beds and the like go, these two items are pretty much all you require. Larger efforts, however, require additional garden supplies:

· Dirt rake – A dirt rake allows you to agitate and break up the soil on the surface of your garden. This is an invaluable addition to your garden supplies because it can save you a great deal of time that using a spade for the same task would require. It’s also mandatory if you have rocky or clay-heavy soil around your home.

· Edger – An edging tool lets you divide sod and earth cleanly and evenly, and is very handy when you are laying walkways or borders.

· Hoe – A hoe allows you to break up large areas of clay-heavy soil with a chopping axe-like motion. Used in concert with a dirt rake, you can usually tackle most problem areas. Spades are also useful for chopping up tough soft root structures or for hilling dirt around plants.

· Watering Can – Arguably important for small and large gardens alike, a watering can allows you to get the job done with as few trips as possible, and without wasting water by using the hose. Crucial for large gardens.

Additional Garden Supplies

As well as these basics, you will need some additional garden supplies:

· Top soil – This usually consists of nutrient-rich soil specially prepared for gardening. Mix it in with your regular earth for maximum effect.

· Fertilizer – Manures and chemical fertilizers are what help your plants grow strong and healthy.

Keeping this information about garden supplies in mind will help you to prepare for any project and to produce results you and your family will be proud of. Living in a home with a beautiful garden is one of the joys of life, so keeping garden supplies handy can make this a reality.

For additional advice about useful garden supplies to consider having around, consult with your local garden center or florist. They can usually point out garden supplies appropriate for your planned projects.

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