Garden Ponds for Home Improvement

Garden Ponds for use at Home

Garden ponds are a prime example of how integrating water into your home gardens can produce a breathtaking, relaxing and ultimately enjoyable environment for you and your family. Water gardening has an ancient and distinguished history that extends back to the fantastic scholar’s gardens of China. These gardens used water to such an effect that they helped to form the foundation of the entire whole.

The Chinese used a special technique to maintain the murkiness of the water. The goal in doing so was to represent the murkiness of the human soul and of existence itself, allowing the scholars and philosophers who dwelt within to gaze down into the depths and reflect upon themselves. This is why garden ponds are still such an important part of Asian architecture and landscaping.

Although you may not be aspiring to become a scholar or philosopher, the appeal of garden ponds for regular use is still undeniable. In addition to providing homes for attractive and entertaining aquatic species like fish and frogs, they lend a unique look to your home that will be the envy of friends and neighbors alike.

By carefully combining garden ponds with a small stream or network of fountains, you can enhance the beauty of your yard to such a degree that it will become the centerpiece of your entire home. Water is appealing because of its calming and relaxing effect. Sitting by the shore of an ocean or lake with a good book can be one of the most relaxing activities of all.

Simulating this effect in your own yard can grant you a sanctuary away from the stress and worries of daily life. Many people buy “sounds of water” CDs for use in meditation or relaxation. By including garden ponds in your yard, you won’t have a need for such things. All you’ll have to do is step outside.

Installation of Garden Ponds

Garden ponds come in many sizes, shapes and varieties. You can usually find something suitable for your own home. The first step is to measure up your yard and determine where the garden ponds will be positioned. Draw these details up on paper for easy access and alteration. To-scale measurements can be a big help in this phase of planning.

Once you know exactly where your garden ponds will go, it’s time to take a trip to the garden center to pick one out. Show your plans to the staff so that they can provide recommendations based on size and water volume. Once you’ve selected the pond you like, arrange for delivery and head home.

The next step is to begin digging out the area and removing debris objects like large rocks. Once the pond arrives, lay down your liner into the finished hole and fill it with water. Once you’ve completed this, your pond is already nearly done!

After this point, begin landscaping the pond itself with careful placement of rocks and aquatic plants that you’ve selected to be present. Most aquatic plants require 5-6 hours of sunlight a day, which means that placing your garden away from trees may be the best idea. You may also wish to add fish to your pond for added appeal.

For more detailed steps on installing garden ponds, the liner you purchase should come with detailed instructions and key information that will assist you in getting everything done right.

How Garden Ponds Enhance Your Home

As you can see, installing garden ponds does take some work. The end result, however, is an area of such peace and beauty that it will transform your garden into a paradise. The visual appeal of flowering water lilies and other plants can combine with nearby flower beds to produce a postcard-worthy picture, and ultimately an environment that will be irresistible.

In addition to visual appeal, garden ponds improve the diversity of the ecosystem around your home. Water allows for animals to stop by for drinks on hot days, increasing the likelihood of spotting various critters in your yard. Frogs will likely move into the area, which can help to keep insect populations down. Fish will also function in this way, which can help counter the increase in bugs that water usually creates.

Creating a haven for birds and animals living around your home will help compensate for the negative effect that urban expansion has on local ecosystems. Garden ponds are a perfect way to compliment other useful features, including bird feeders and houses.

You’ll more than likely find that an abundant presence of wildlife around your home will be an entertaining and educating experience for your whole family. It’s especially great for children living in cities, who might not have a chance to explore the outdoors. Studying fish, frogs and bugs can be a fun way to pass the time. Garden ponds can help this become a reality.

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