Flower Garden Planting Guide

Flower Garden Introduction

One of the greatest joys of home ownership is the ability to plan and create an amazing flower garden. Through careful work and planning you can transform a patch of sod into a floral kingdom of beauty and relaxation. Although your choices are limited only by your own imagination and creative ambition, there are certain things to consider whenever you decide to make a flower garden a part of your home.

The very first thing that must be taken into consideration is how much space you have to work with. The fortunate thing here is that even the tiniest of yards can offer you the chance to create something amazing. You don’t need a gigantic open space for planting a flower garden, meaning that even people with only an apartment balcony can technically enjoy this.

If you are limited for space, you’ll want to keep in mind that certain plants like trees and large shrubs might not be the best choice for your situation. Anything that grows high or outwards or that has a large root system might be severely limited if your yard is small. This is especially true with large trees, which can end up competing with your foundation wall for space in the ground. Most often in such situations, it is the tree that will end up winning!

To avoid structural damage or injury to your plants, keeping the species living within your flower garden in line with certain requirements is a good idea. Small to medium-sized plants are the best choice, especially if they are not adversely affected by the act of pruning. By manipulating the size and shape of your plants you can ensure that no crowding becomes an issue.

If you have a larger space you are really not limited by what you can plant. You can go wild with trees of all sorts, or with bushes that spread like wildfire to encompass a large area of your yard. Trees and bushes, however, are not the main focus of this article.

The Backbone of Every Flower Garden

Unsurprisingly, the backbone of a great flower garden is the presence of flowers themselves. Flowers are truly great because of the sheer variety that you have to choose from. Depending on space and shade limitations you can usually still find several varieties to plant and enjoy. The small size of most flowering plants means that you can turn an area the size of a dinner plate into a flower garden.

There are certain rules to follow when planting a flower garden. By studying this information you can ensure the greatest success and the greatest enjoyment for both yourself and your family:

· Sun and Shade – Every plant has a specific requirement for sun or shade. By determining this before making a purchase, you can make certain that what you are buying will work within the limitations of your yard. Plants that require high levels of sunlight exposure will not do well in a space that is heavily shaded. Conversely, plants that enjoy shade will suffer if kept in constant exposure to the light.

· Soil Quality – Many different species have unique requirements for soil quality. Anything that requires well-drained soil needs to be placed somewhere relatively dry. By using a spade or hoe to create a small mound of earth into which you place your plants, you can help enhance the ability of water to drain away without causing harm.

On the other side of the coin, plants that require a great deal of moisture will thrive with excess water. A great strategy for collecting and trapping moisture in the earth is to lay down compost, mulch or a heavy and damp substance like peat moss. Not only will this work to control weeds and other pests, but it will trap the valuable moisture in the earth to help your flower garden prosper.

· Color – It may seem obvious, but make sure that the species you plant in your flower garden are of colors that go well with one another. Nothing is worse than working hard to plan and build your flower garden only to discover that everything you’ve planted clashes horribly. This can be avoided through careful planning of your gardens beforehand.

Enjoying Your Flower Garden

By sticking to these simple gardening tips you can be well on your way to growing the flower garden of your dreams. There are, fortunately, even further ways to enhance your enjoyment of what you’ve created. For example, consider laying down a patio and buying a set of lawn furniture. This can give you an exterior dining room of sorts that is perfect for family gatherings.

You may also wish to compliment your flower garden with a fish pond featuring plants like lilies that really enhance the beauty of their surroundings. There are many options you can consider when designing your flower garden, and it is this act of choosing that can be the most fun.

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