Jasmine Flowers – The Queen of the Night

Jasmine Flowers – The Queen of the Night

Jasmine flowers have enjoyed incredible popularity and prominence in India and China throughout history, both for their intensely pleasurable fragrance and their myriad of medical applications. The trademark of jasmine flowers, and source of their nickname, is that they release their powerful fragrances during the night time.

Jasmine flowers grow on vines and shrubs that are members of the olive family, and have about two hundred different species. They are native to warm and tropical parts of the supercontinent. Their flowers are almost universally white, although there are known to be yellow varieties from time to time. Most species flower in spring or summer, although several flower in winter while the branches are bare.

In China, jasmine flowers are used as symbols of feminine sweetness and beauty. Jasmine also symbolizes deep affection, happiness and elegance. As such, it is often used as an integral component of weddings. The white flowers also represent purity and elegance, which is a trademark of white blossoms of all varieties.

Medicinal Uses of Jasmine Flowers

Jasmine flowers have been an invaluable tool in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine for centuries. They have a wide variety of uses that have all led to it being an important and treasured plant. Here is a list of some of the more common uses:

· Jasmine flowers have been used to calm the nerves, sooth emotional problems, help with PMS and tension headaches and to heal the female reproductive system.

· In Chinese medicine jasmine flowers are known to cool the blood and have a strong antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-tumor properties. Because of this “cooling” effect of the blood, they would be used on people with a fever or those suffering from overexposure to the sun or other heat sources.

· Jasmine flowers have astringent properties which aid in treating inflamed eyes and skin, and as a gargle to relieve sore throats and mouth ulcers. This is another of the stress-fighting benefits of these blossoms.

· Jasmine flowers are used in aromatherapy to calm the emotions, and as an aphrodisiac. They are a valuable remedy in cases of depression because they produce a feeling of confidence, optimism and euphoria. They can also revitalize and restore the balance of energy within one’s body.

· Jasmine tea is often consumed to help calm the nerves and to ease the arrival of sleep. It can be a useful alternative to prescription medicine for people suffering from insomnia.

As you can see, jasmine flowers have many potential medical and physical benefits. They can be a great choice to help treat or cure many conditions, if used properly. Of course, we recommend you never attempt any home treatment without first consulting with your family doctor. Sometimes even the best things can end up being harmful without careful planning.

More Facts about Jasmine Flowers

Jasmine flowers are the national flower of Indonesia, where they are known as “Melati.” They are also the national flowers of the Philippines. In Indonesia, it is considered the most important flower for use at wedding ceremonies, and has great cultural value for such events.

Gift Ideas Using Jasmine Flowers

Jasmine flowers can make a great gift. Not only can it be used in bouquets and other floral arrangements, but its other medicinal and herbal benefits make it extremely popular. Consider a bouquet mixing the white blossoms of the jasmine with other delicate light colors, or with vibrant reds or yellows. Because of the powerful and pleasant fragrance, you may wish to avoid combining them with other fragrant varieties like roses.

As for gift baskets, a mixture of jasmine soap, jasmine tea and scented candles can really help a person to relax, especially when combined with a bouquet or floral arrangement. If rest and relaxation is also on your mind, it would make a perfectly harmless indulgence, and once that could set you on the right track to feeling great in no time at all.

The best place to design, pick out and acquire these ideas would be the shop of your local florist. They will have a wide range of floral products that can be combined with jasmine to create pretty much anything you can imagine. They can also help with the creation of gift baskets, and arrange for delivery to far-off destinations (or your own home).

Delivery can help you get a gift to someone you love in very little time, especially if you live a great distance away. This can save you quite a bit of time, as there is usually a same-day delivery guarantee for domestic orders.

You can also use their online store to place orders, make payments, and arrange for delivery. This allows you to enjoy the shopping experience without having to leave the convenience of your home or office, and is great if you are pressed for time.

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