Hummingbird Flowers – How to Attract the Birds

Hummingbird Flowers – Introduction to the Bird

Hummingbirds are amongst the smallest birds in the world, and some of the most unique. They are the only species of birds capable of flying backwards, vertically, and of hovering in place. They accomplish this with an astonishing number of wing beats, with the smallest species numbering at around 80 beats per second! It is this rapid beating that gives them their distinctive humming sound.

A characteristic of these colorful little birds is the long thin beak and protruding tongue, which allows them to feed on nectar from deep bell-shaped blossoms. It is this evolution that has caused them to prefer specific species of flower, and these hummingbird flowers are the purpose of this guide.

Hummingbird Flowers – Common Varieties

These birds are most attracted to species with long bell-shaped blossoms, and to those which are red in color. It is these hummingbird flowers that should be present in your garden if you wish to attract the birds, which is a worth goal considering both the appeal of the bird and of the hummingbird flowers themselves. We’ve assembled a list of common hummingbird flowers here:

· Bee balm – This species of Hummingbird flowers, also known as Monarda and horsemint, grows up to about three feet in height. Interestingly, when you crush the leaves they exude a spicy fragrant oil. The 3-4 inch flowers appear in mid to late summer and enjoy a variety of vibrant colors, including red, pink and purple.

· Bleeding heart – These flowers of the dicentra family are named as they are due to their shape, which resembles a heart with a drop of blood descending from it. They are often a pleasant pink in color, and are great choices for your garden if you desire to plant hummingbird flowers.

· Delphiniums – More commonly known as larkspur, these hummingbird flowers have tall erect stems topped by many blossoms, varying between purple, blue, red, yellow and white. The flower has five petals which grow together to form a hollow flower with a spur at the end, which gives the plant its name.

· Impatiens – These attractive hummingbird flowers enjoy a wide range of appealing colors. Their flowers are large and drooping, often providing a perfect source of nectar. They are also known as “touch-me-nots” due to their seed pods, which explode when handled as a means of propagation.

· Phlox – These attractive hummingbird flowers come in colors ranging from red to blue, and are an important source of food for the birds as well as some species of mammals. They enjoy a mixture of shade and sun, and do best in well-drained soil (an overabundance of water can rot away the root structure, killing the plant).

Hummingbird Flowers – Planting Ideas

When planting hummingbird flowers, it is a good idea to plant them in clusters if room permits. This allows the bird to flit from flower to flower on its quest for nectar while expending a minimum of effort. As with any species of plant, be sure that you are following any directions on the seed package or tag pertaining to sun/shade exposure, soil quality and anything else pivotal to healthy growth.

By adhering to these guidelines you can grow a healthy and beautiful garden in no time at all, and attract many attractive birds with your hummingbird flowers. Keep in mind that they tend to prefer red, although they will enjoy any flower you place. Still, if you can choose red over others, it would be a great idea.

Hummingbird Flowers – A Handy Alternative

If you want a little extra incentive for hummingbirds to come to your garden, you can pick up a nectar feeder to place within it. These are bright red in color, which is designed to attract them, and can be a good substitute to hummingbird flowers if you cannot find many to plant. An abundance of food sources will ensure that many birds frequent your garden throughout the year.

Concluding Advice

Many of these flowers also make great bouquets and floral gifts to enjoy personally or to share with friends and family. Your local florist is a good source of plants for this purpose, and definitely worth a visit for consultation. While at their shop you can browse a wide selection of arrangements to help you get a good idea of what you want to buy.

You can also use their online site for the same purpose, and take advantage of same-day delivery guarantees that are useful for birthdays and other events you might not have time to attend.

Whatever your use, be it for gifts or to attract birds to your garden, these flowers will help create something beautiful that everyone will love. Friends and family alike will benefit from your attractive decorations and gardens.

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