Hippie Flowers – Describing Their Importance in Hippie Culture

Hippie Flowers – Introducing Hippie Culture

Hippie flowers are one of the trademark symbols of hippie subculture. To understand how hippie flowers were significant, one must first understand the basics of the culture itself. To begin, it is necessary to discuss the earliest days of the origin of this sub cultural movement.

This countercultural group first began in the early 1960s, becoming a significant cultural branch by about 1965. Originally, hippies were part of a youth movement composed mostly of teenagers and young adults, between the ages of 15 and 25 years old, who inherited a tradition of cultural dissent from the Bohemians and the beatniks.

They were largely opposed to government control, middle-class values, war and the production and existence of nuclear weapons. A trademark of their culture was the creation of intentional communities in which people would live freely away from the influence of oppressive culture. Psychedelic drugs were often championed because of how they could expand one’s consciousness and ability to perceive reality.

Hippie Flowers – Flower Power

Flower power was a slogan used by hippies, also known as flower children, during the late 1960s and early 1970s as a symbol of the non-violence ideology. It is rooted in opposition to the Vietnam War. They burned their draft cards and created a hippy culture. They dressed in flowery clothing and wore flowers in their hair. It was these hippie flowers that became an integral part of their entire movement.

We’re all familiar with the classic image of the VW Minibus decorated in slogans and hippie flowers. Those weren’t just for show; they were messages of peace to those able to witness them. Hippie flowers were worn in the hair, dyed onto clothing, painted on vehicles and buildings and used in general to express peace, love and harmony amongst all mankind.

Hippie flowers were so popular that they remain the iconic imagery of hippie culture even to this day, with “flower power” being one of the first things to come to mind when you think about the era. The aging remnants of the day still adorn their cars with hippie flowers, and it’s common to find 60s novelty items adorned with such designs.

Hippie Flowers – The Flower Child

Flower child or Flower Children originated as a synonym for hippie, especially those who gathered in San Francisco and environs during the summer of 1967, which was called the Summer of Love. It was the custom of “Flower Children” to wear hippie flowers to symbolize peace and love. During the earliest years of its use, the term was most commonly used in the plural, only rarely in the singular.

The term achieved shades of political meaning when San Francisco Bay Area flower children gathered in Berkeley, California, in April 1969 to participate in the planting of flowers, shrubs, grass and trees during the building of People’s Park. After authorities destroyed People’s Park and installed an 8′ tall chain-link wire fence around its perimeter, planting hippie flowers became a symbol of peaceful resistance.

Hippie Flowers – Modern-Day Ideas

The ideals of peace and harmony that were promoted in the 60s are still valid and good in today’s age, especially with growing conflict in the Middle East and continued strife in Africa. Even if an era has passed it does not mean that an ideal must pass with it, and so carrying on the hippie traditions is a worthy cause and goal.

Hippie flowers can play an integral part in that. Wearing them in your hair, adorning your clothes with live samples or dying them with resemblances, and even painting you vehicles in similar styles are all great ideas. Planting flowers and giving flowers as gifts also help to promote peaceful ideals, as can be evidenced by the tendency for members of the movement to present policemen with floral gifts.

Where to Acquire Hippie Flowers

Whether you are looking to acquire hippie flowers or just flowers in general, your local florist is the place to go. They have years of experience when it comes to selecting theme-based arrangements, and can offer some really great and creative advice if you’re uncertain what exactly you want to get. Exotic and rare orders are possible, so just let them know what it is you’d like and something can easily be worked out.

Bouquets and other floral arrangements make excellent peaceful gifts, and fortunately the limit can only be found at the limit of your own creative insight. So whatever it is you desire can more than likely be worked out. Consider browsing their online shop and taking advantage of secure ordering and delivery if you’re unable to make it down in person. Same-day domestic guarantees mean your order will arrive fresh and on time for any event.

Flowers still carry the time-honored message of peace, so let them be your messenger whenever you have a need. In doing so, the memory of the 60s lives on.

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