Garden Décor – A Guide to Enhancing Your Yard

Garden Décor – Importance of Decoration

Decorating is one of the oldest recreational occupations that humanity has enjoyed. The idea of enhancing something to make it better than it once was can be argued to be the entire basis for human existence. We exist to make ourselves better than we are, and so it is no mistake that we enjoy enhancing the appearance of buildings and landscapes with the addition of attractive forms of art.

Garden décor has a long and enjoyable history amongst cultures around the world. Although a garden itself is already a beautiful and highly enjoyable thing, by enhancing it with statuary, topiaries, fountains, lighting and more, you can create a sight that is truly breathtaking to behold.

Garden Décor – Modern Ideas

Today’s gardens are significantly different from those of days long past, but the general concept of improving the appearance using garden décor remains. In the earliest days of formal gardening, gardens tended to be public affairs tended for the enjoyment of all people. Many had practical uses as places to grow herbs and vegetables as well. The most attractive and elaborate gardens were often restricted to nobility and the upper class.

Today, almost all houses have a garden in the front or back yard (or both). It’s a form of recreation for the home owner and a way of increasing property value. Garden décor remains important to many people, as it helps to improve the enjoyment one gets out of their own yard. We’ve put together a list of ideas that you can consider when deciding upon appropriate garden décor.

· Statuary – One of the most basic means of enhancing garden décor is through the use of statues to highlight certain areas or to act as centerpieces. A large and elaborate statue can form the focus of the garden itself, around which the majority of plants are concentrated in such a manner so as to enhance its presence.

Smaller statues can be paired by theme or used individually to enhance certain areas of the yard that are lacking in visual appeal. A fence corner, for example, is often a good place to position a medium-sized statue. Statues also have the appeal of being one of the most traditional elements of garden décor.

· Patios and Walkways – Aside from serving a practical function, patios and walkways can also be important aspects of garden décor. By selecting interesting and patterned materials for the walkways you can often create a pleasant contrast with plant and flower species lining the sides. Walkways can be laid in such a way so as to take visitors on a journey around your garden, bringing them past the most attractive areas that you wish to emphasize.

A patio is where you’ll likely spend most of your time. It can hold furniture and outdoor appliances such as a barbeque for social gatherings, and can be a good place to position planters of flowers. By using an attractive material for the patio, you can match it with walkways or edging stones in your garden to create an attractive blend of garden décor.

· Water – Using water as garden décor is a tradition that many believe originated in China. Scholars’ gardens would include water that would run throughout the entire area, forming gentle ponds and small streams into which strolling philosopher’s could gaze. The popularity of water in gardens has not decreased with time, and it can often be seen in yards around the world.

Consider the appeal of a fish pond, a network of artificial streams, or even a series of fountains. By combining these elements into garden décor you can great a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere that friends and family alike will love spending time in.

· Lighting – The effective use of lights to reveal your garden at night can make it an appealing place to sit even after the sun has gone down. An alternative to standard beam lights is the idea of using torches to line walkways. Both real and artificial varieties are available, with the latter tending to be the safer choice.

Garden Décor – Concluding Information

By combining the above garden décor ideas you can succeed in creating a yard that will be the envy of your neighbors. You’ll find that an expertly-decorated garden will become the focal point of your home, and that everyone living there will benefit from the health and mood-enhancing abilities that pleasing locations tend to have.

One of the best places to find suggestions for garden décor is your local garden center, which will likely have a vast stock of statuary, fountains, ponds and other things that can be installed to enhance the existing beauty of your plants and flowers. By carefully planning the layout of your garden beforehand, you can discuss your garden décor ideas with the center staff for handy professional suggestions about what may work best for your situation.

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