Garden Art for Your Home and Yard

Garden Art and Why it is Important

The purpose of gardens is to provide homeowners with a way to enjoy the beauty and bounty of nature without having to leave their own property. There are a myriad means of designing and planting a great garden, all of which can be fully customized to suit individual tastes and style. Gardens can add an outdoor room to your house in which you and your family will enjoy passing time.

Once you’ve planted a successful and thriving garden, there is no need to stop there. There are many other options available for sprucing up your yard (and the interior of your home), thus creating environments that you will love to spend your free time in. Garden art is one of the best ways to achieve this, and offers nearly as much variety as gardening itself.

Garden Art Ideas for Your Yard

When enhancing the appeal and attractiveness of your yard, garden art should play an integral role. By garden art we aren’t necessarily referring to paintings of a garden. In fact, that wouldn’t work outside at all. Garden art instead refers to statuary, sculptures, topiaries and the creative use of patios and walkways. Each of these methods allows you to create something unique and enjoyable:

· Statuary – Statues are one of the oldest forms of garden art, and one of the most popular. You’re probably familiar with garden gnomes, the cheerful bearded little statues of old men that originated in Germany. Gnomes are a popular addition to many gardens, although some find them a little bit excessive if they are overly flashy in color.

Wildlife statuary is another variation you’ve likely seen. Statues of deer, bears, squirrels and other wild animals can make your garden feel more “woodsy” while creating the illusion of a thriving ecosystem.

· Topiary – Topiary is the garden art of shaping trees, bushes and hedges into spectacular formations. These are commonly found in public parks, decorating government buildings, or gracing the lawns of botanical gardens. Topiary can be fun and rewarding, with the limit being only your own imagination.
Once a plant is of sufficient size, many shapes can be carved into it through careful trimming and pruning (often with motorized hedge-trimmers and manual hand-pruners). Advanced topiaries creating the likeness of animals, famous people or geometric shapes are all popular examples of this garden art.

· Water – Using fountains and ponds can create garden art of a different sort. The presence of water is both soothing and attractive, and can lend a natural artistic ambience to your yard. Many fountains are highly decorative, whereas the striking contrast between dark water and bright aquatic flowers can be breathtaking.

· Paths and Walkways – By laying a path or walkway that meanders throughout the highlights of your yard, you can create a unique form of garden art. Especially effective is the practice of building the walkway out of attractive and unique materials. Tree stumps, colorful bricks and more are all great choices to consider.

· Planters – Planters can be considered a form of garden art as well. The limited space offered by a planter means that you must be more careful about the designs you are creating. By creating beautiful arrangements and then placing them strategically about your yard, you can do wonders in enhancing the appearance.

Garden Art for the Interior

You are not limited to exterior garden art; many forms exist to enjoy inside your home. Contrary to outside, paintings of garden scenes do very well on the walls of your house. This can be useful if you are unable to create an elaborate garden, as it can recreate attractive or exotic locales that can be enjoyed with a glance.

Freshly-cut bouquets of flowers from your gardens are another form of garden art. Learn some tips and tricks for flower arranging and reap the rewards as you produce vases of blossoms worthy of positions on your coffee table or mantelpiece. Nothing brightens up your room like a bouquet of fresh flowers, especially when they are of a variety such as roses that possess a pleasing fragrance.

Carefully integrating both interior and exterior garden art can help your transform your home into a palace. A beautiful yard will not only increase the value of your home, but also increase the enjoyment you get from living there. Having a private outdoor sanctuary within arm’s reach can also help with stress management and with improving overall health.

For additional information about artistic enhancements for your garden, take a trip to your local garden center or florist’s shop for inspiration. You’ll usually be able to find attractive statues or other items that would look great amongst the flowers and plants in your yard. The attending staff can also make suggestions should you require.

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