Poems About Flowers – An Introspective Overview

Poems about Flowers – Artistic Inspiration

Poems about flowers have existed since time immemorial. The basic concept of poetry is to get across a message, vision or idea through the use of creative verbal imagery. What better inspiration than one of nature’s most delicate jewels? Flowers have, unsurprisingly, been the source of much writing over the millennia, and quite possibly could have been the inspiration for the very first written art.

What makes it easy to write poems about flowers is their natural beauty. Each individual blossom is a unique and elegant structure, with subtle hints of color mixed with symmetry or asymmetry as the situation defines. The colors might be bright and vibrant, dark and thoughtful or light and delicate. One could spend years writing about just one of these things.

Poems about flowers are designed to invoke the image of what the author is seeing as he writes so that the reader can also enjoy it. As such, the use of adjectives and adverbs is quite important, and can make the difference between “I saw a flower, it was blue. I like flowers, how about you?” and works like “With a Flower” by Emily Dickinson or “The Lily” by William Blake.

Poems about flowers can also be difficult to write because of how often the subject has been approached before. Coming up with purely creative ideas can be a challenge. The best bet is to just go with what one sees, however, and to put as much soul and depth into it as possible. Even if there are a thousand poems about a rose before your own, if yours exhibits passion and intrigue it will stand out amongst its peers.

Poems about Flowers – Different Types of Poems

As with painting, singing, sculpting or any other form of art, there are many varieties of poems that one can write. Many varied styles exist, often with unique cultural or historical significance. Here are a few different types that can be useful when writing poems about Flowers:

· Haiku – The Haiku poem originated from Japan, where it enjoyed great success for many hundreds of years. Haiku poems about flowers were quite common, given the striking beauty of the cherry blossoms that dominated the landscape. A haiku can be described in the following manner:
A Haiku has three lines and about 17 syllables. A common structure to follow is:
5 syllables
7 syllables
5 syllables
An example of Haiku is:
petal labyrinths
glisten in golden rhythms
tulips in sun
· Cinquain – A cinquain poem has five lines based on the number of syllables or words. An example structure is:
1) the title
2) a description of the title in 4 syllables or words
3) a description of the action in 6 syllables or words
4) a description of the feeling on 8 syllables or words
5) another word for the title in 2 syllables or words
These are just two of a wide variety of poetic forms that one can utilize when writing poems about flowers. If you are skilled at rhyming, it can often be fun to come up with your own unique poems using your own unique style.
Poems about Flowers – Where to Find Inspiration
Poems about flowers can be fun, exciting and fulfilling to write. Some of the best sources for literary inspiration can be found all around you. If you live in a house, chances are your own garden is a perfect place to start. Take a comfortable chair, a pad and a pencil, and sit outside examining the garden.
Once you find a flower or a group of plants or some sort of natural feature that you feel moved enough to write about, try to think about how the sight makes you feel. Try to compare it to other feelings you’ve had and enjoyed, or try to compare the vision itself to something equally and similarly pleasant.
Another source of inspiration for writing poems about flowers can be a nearby park. Botanical gardens featuring rare and unique species are also a great idea.
Poems about Flowers – Places to Buy Flowers
If you’re looking for something rare or specific, and aren’t sure where to look, the best place might be your local florist. Their shop will carry a wide inventory of unique and artistic displays, including bouquets and other arrangements that you might find it easy to gain inspiration from while writing poems about flowers.
Be sure to utilize their website if you aren’t able to make it to the store, and take advantage of secure online purchasing and same-day delivery. This way you can have your floral arrangement brought to you write away, allowing you to begin creating poems about flowers that you will be quick to love.
And remember, when writing poems about flowers the best source of inspiration is your own heart. Listen to your emotions and write about what you feel. This is a great way to come up with masterpiece material.

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