Puerto Rico Flowers – A Guide to Common Varieties

Puerto Rico Flowers – Why We Love Them

Puerto Rico flowers are one of the many treasures of this world, with numerous colorful and attractive varieties existing. They were favored by early explorers to the new world due to their unique and exotic appearance which was so different from that of anything found back home. Discovering new and unusual species was exciting to early botanists and to explorers in general.

Discovering these no species of Puerto Rico flowers could often prove profitable for the explorers. Royal courts back in Europe highly prized exotic new things that could be used to flaunt their wealth and power, and to gain respect and admiration from rival nations. As such, many royal bounties were created to encourage the discovery and retrieval of these species.

Many species of Puerto Rico flowers and plants were beneficial as well, having medicinal properties employed by native cultures, or by being important crops and staples of local diet. Quite a number of newly-discovered species were developed over time into giant worldwide crops. For example corn, originally known as maize, was discovered and cultivated, and is now one of the most important crops in the world.

Puerto Rico Flowers – Modern Status

Unfortunately, many modern species of Puerto Rico flowers are currently threatened by industrial development and human expansion. As rainforests are leveled to make way for cities or to collect lumber for construction, a great number of species become threatened with extinction. Fortunately, a considerable number of Puerto Rico flowers are so popular that they have been cultivated worldwide, which eliminates many risks of extinction.

It is difficult to preserve the habitats of these species of Puerto Rico flowers, although you can help by becoming involved with environmental or activist groups in your city or country. By doing so, you can learn more about the Earth’s ecosystems and how action can be taken to prevent damage and destruction as a result of human endeavors.

Puerto Rico Flowers – Common Species

We’ve put together a list of some of the more common and popular species of Puerto Rico flowers so that you can better plan a garden or a floral arrangement, depending upon your interest.

· Heliconia – Common names for this species of Puerto Rico flowers include lobster-claw, wild plantain and false bird-of-paradise, the latter from their close similarity to the bird-of-paradise flowers popular in many gardens around the world. The blooms of this plant are long and spiky, and rather decorative. They come in many colors widely associated with tropical plants, and make great gifts as part of bouquets or arrangements.

· Red Ginger – Although originally native to Malaysia, these are now commonly grown in Puerto Rico. They sport showy red flowers on long stems and are attractive in both the garden and arrangements.

· Puerto Rican Hibiscus – The hibiscus are popular Puerto Rican flowers, and have been adopted as the country’s national flower. The blooms come in a wide variety of pleasing colors, with reds, pinks, whites and more being quite common. They are a great favorite for gardens, and an excellent show flower. Considering these for your garden at home is a great idea for an exotic and uplifting effect.

Puerto Rico Flowers – Where to Learn More

These are only a small number of Puerto Rico flowers, and many more exist to be enjoyed. There are a number of handy resources for someone looking up more information on the various species. Perhaps the best source is the internet. Searching online can yield a lot of results, and a lot of technical and historical information. You can also find plenty of gardening advice online that could come in handy when planning and planting at home.

The local library or book store will usually have several volumes dedicated to different species of flowers, so you should be able to find Puerto Rico flowers and learn more about them with little difficulty. Encyclopedias are a good source of information as well, and the library will usually have several sets in their reference section.

Puerto Rico Flowers – Gift Ideas

When considering bouquets and arrangements of Puerto Rico flowers, stopping by to visit your local florist is the best bet for finding what you want. They will usually stock a wide variety of rare and exotic species, which can make putting together your arrangement an easy task. They are also a great source of advice about what goes with what, and what is suitable for specific occasions.

By using online ordering, you can place an order and arrange for delivery without having to come down to the shop. This can save a great deal of time, and is useful for busy people or those who wish to send gifts over long distances. This convenience can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home or office.

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