Teddy Bears Gift Guide

Teddy Bears Appeal to Everyone

Teddy bears are a constant in life for all children. We all have memories of our favorite teddy bears and how they kept us comfortable and safe at night while we slept. The cuddly appeal of a soft, stuffed bear is almost impossible to resist, and they make one of the most popular gifts in the world as a result. Children and adults of all ages love teddy bears and the comfort they are capable of giving us.

From our earliest days we are guarded and kept safe by the comforting presence of teddy bears in our cribs. It is tradition now for parents and family members to buy them as gifts for new babies, and often these teddy bears remain with them well into their later years. As a token of love and affection, there are few more powerful symbols.

The History of Teddy Bears

Teddy bears got their start in the West in the early 1900s when Theodore Roosevelt was the President of the United States. The President’s nickname happened to be “Teddy” (a common abbreviation of Theodore at the time). He was known to be a skilled hunter, and he was once depicted in a newspaper cartoon sparing the life of a captured bear cub, saying that it would be unsportsmanlike to shoot it.

This cartoon was based on a real event he was involved in, and quickly came to the attention of many people. A stationery shopkeeper in Brooklyn, NY displayed the cartoon in his window along with a pair of stuffed bears made by his wife. The “Teddy’s Bear” became enormously popular, prompting the shopkeeper to create the “Ideal Novelty and Toy Corporation” to meet this booming demand.

And thus teddy bears were born out of positive emotions, eventually finding their way into the beds and hearts of children all around the world. In modern times there are a vast number of variants of traditional teddy bears, including animals of nearly every thinkable species. Popular types include cats, dogs, monkeys and even creative and unique “monsters” and other creatures.

Because of this immense popularity, teddy bears happen to remain one of the number one gift choices for young children. Oftentimes when faced with a dilemma about what to buy for a child or young relative, many people use teddy bears as the perfect fall-back gift. They are universally well-received and go great with other items like flowers to create personalized packages.

Creative Gift Ideas Featuring Teddy Bears

Teddy bears can be a fun gift for a birthday party or other event. You may wish to consider featuring a balloon bouquet clasped between the paws of a fluffy stuffed bear, or perhaps instead design a gift basket featuring one or more teddy bears as highlight items. One of the best places to search for and find creative inspiration for using teddy bears is your local florist’s shop.

You can head on down to their store and inquire about various creative ways to include teddy bears with other gifts. Based on past experience and popular demand, your florist should be able to provide a large number of great options from which you can choose. If you have a specific design in mind they’ll be happy to work with you to make it a reality.

When designing gift baskets that feature teddy bears you can bring in your own or ask the florist to buy the bears to include in the basket. Providing a day or two of notice is a great idea as it helps the florist track down and acquire every ingredient that will be included within your customized order. The florist will select only the highest quality items to include in your basket to ensure maximum satisfaction.

Other alternative ideas include combining teddy bears with bouquets of beautiful fresh flowers. This is a good idea to impress a sweetheart during Valentine’s Day or on an anniversary. You can often find special teddy bears that have “I love you” written on a tiny shirt or who have a heart incorporated into the design of their fur. This can be a great idea combined with a bouquet of red roses.

Ordering Teddy Bears and Other Gifts

Placing your order at the florist’s shop is a quick and easy process, and the florist will be happy to accommodate all of your needs. Again, if you have any creative ideas for your gift the florist will work them into the final product.

You may also use the online site to browse inventory, make purchases and arrange for delivery. Same-day local and domestic delivery guarantees mean you can place an order in the morning and have it sent to the door of a loved one that very same day. Next-day international guarantees expand that ability to encompass most of the world, which is great for family members living abroad.

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