Pink Flowers – A Guide to Their Efficient Use

Pink Flowers – Introduction

Pink flowers are very popular due to their extremely high level of versatility. They can be used in combination with pretty much every single variety of flower available and go well with most if not all colors on the spectrum.

Due to the traditional association with femininity that pink flowers have hephppkexhjam.jpgld, they are often featured as patterns in women’s fashions. They are especially suitable for wedding ceremonies, as pink goes extremely well with the white of the wedding gown. Whether in a bouquet, corsage, or even in the hair of the bride, it’s hard to go wrong with pink flowers at a wedding.

They also make a great addition to reception decorations. Any table centerpiece worth its weight will feature pink flowers of some variety. Pink flowers are also one of the traditional varieties that are attached to vehicles of a wedding party.

Pink Flowers – Some Common Varieties

· Carnations – The carnation is flowering plant native to the Middle East. It is generally believed that the carnation has been cultivated for at least 2,000 years. It originally sported natural pink flowers, but many new colors have since been engineered through cultivation. The carnation is the national flower of Spain, and has long been associated with romance and love.

Many special occasions call for the wearing or usage of these blossoms. They are common at weddings, as they go well with other species in a bouquet or corsage. They are also popular on Mother’s day, and make a great choice when considering gifts for your mother. They have developed an almost global acceptance as a gift for all holidays and events, which is hard to argue given the attractive appeal of these pink flowers.

Contrary to the above, some cultures symbolize the carnation with bad luck. France in particular has a strong tradition involving carnations carrying a stigma of bad luck and misfortune. On a more positive note, the carnation is the birth flower of those born in January. This makes these pink flowers perfect gifts for the birthday of anyone you know born on this month.

· Rose – Universally loved, the rose is one of the most well-known flowers in the world. With over 100 varieties, it is commonplace in gardens around the globe. Highly-sought for both its delicate beauty and thick pleasant fragrance, the rose could be considered the queen of flowers. Coming in many colors and varieties, roses allow for some of the most attractive pink flowers available.

Wild roses are naturally found only in the northern hemisphere, and usually concentrated in the more temperate regions. Each flower is divided into five petals, which are almost always white or pink (although many non-pink flowers have since been bred over the years, including the ever-popular red rose).

An interesting fact about this plant is that the protrusions commonly referred to as thorns are actually prickles. A thorn is characterized as a modified stem designed for protection, whereas a prickle is the continuation of the epidermal layer of the stem. In the rose, it is not designed so much for protection, but rather to aid in clinging to surfaces and other plants while growing.

Much like carnations, these pink flowers make perfect choices for wedding bouquets and decorations. In fact, a combination of the two can be especially striking. Fresh roses remain one of the most popular orders from florists, with combinations of red, pink and white being something of a traditional symbol for Valentine’s Day.

· Tulip – The tulip is one of the most widely-found flowers in the world. Found in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and many locations in Asia, the tulip is also one of the most popular. It comes in many different colors, with the red, yellow and pink flowers being some of the most favored.

These plants are often found in gardens, and radiate beauty and elegance with flawless delivery. Most botanical gardens include tulip sections, and it can often be found gracing government centers. In fact, a Canadian tradition with Holland sees the Dutch sending tulip bulbs for the Parliament buildings on a yearly basis in thanks for Canada’s role in liberating the Netherlands from Germany during the Second World War.

Pink Flowers – Conclusion

Pink flowers will likely remain a favorite for many years to come thanks to their incredible versatility and ability to match with other plants. Consider the advantages of including a wide variety of pink flowers, including the ones listed above, in your garden at home. The quiet and peaceful elegance they radiate will ensure that all visitors to your home will have an enjoyable stay.

Also keep them in mind for when you’re planning to send flowers to a friend or family member as a gift. They compliment many other varieties well, and produce an incredibly attractive bouquet or arrangement.

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