Pictures of Flowers – Recommendations on Where to Look

Pictures of Flowers – Introduction

Pictures of flowers are the next best thing to real ones, and are both fun and enjoyable to look at. Amateur gardening enthusiasts and professional botanists alike can benefit from easy access to pictures of flowers, both for inspirational and educational purposes.

Pictures of Flowers – Finding them Online

Thanks to the internet, pictures of flowers are as easier to find than ever before. The results you seek are just a few clicks away, so this is the best option if you have easy computer access and are comfortable surfing the net. When considering where to look, keep in mind the following recommendations:

· Google Image Search – Google’s built-in image search feature allows you to type in the name of whatever you’re looking for. In this case, it’s flowers, so type in the name of the specific types you’re interested in and hit search. A customizable results page shows up, and you can view expanded pictures and learn more about what you’re looking at on the hosting site.

· – If you can’t find what you’re looking for on Google, it’s a safe bet that the enthusiastic Wikipedia community will have prepared an article on just what you’re looking for. It’s an open-source encyclopedia, meaning that anyone can contribute articles. Very often you’ll find a collection of pictures as well as interesting facts and scientific data.

· Florist Websites – The highlight of every florist’s website is their catalogue of inventory, which always involves pictures of flowers arranged in professional and beautiful displays. This is a perfect source of images, and you’ll surely find what you need here.

Pictures of Flowers – Alternative Sources

If you haven’t had any luck searching for pictures of flowers online, don’t despair! There are many other reliable sources that we recommend. The following are some of the best offline resources for finding pictures of flowers and information about plants in general:

· Encyclopedias – It’s a good bet that you or someone you know is in possession of a set of encyclopedias. These massive hardcover tomes are a great source of knowledge in general, and one of the best places to find pictures of flowers. If you have access to a completed volume, you can most often look up every major variety of flowers known to man. More often than not, the detail descriptions will include photos of the most popular varieties.

· The Bookstore – Head on over to your local book store and browse through their gardening and botany section. You’ll more than likely find a few floral encyclopedias, as well as books about individual species. This is one of the best resources for pictures of flowers, as you’ll often find a myriad of books on everything from roses to the massive titan arum.

· Local Library – If the bookstore doesn’t have what you’re looking for, of if you don’t happen to have one nearby, consider stopping in at the local library. Most libraries will have a considerable section involving plants and gardening, so you should have an easy time finding pictures of flowers here. A great thing about libraries is that they usually have several sets of encyclopedias. Take advantage of this fact if you don’t know anyone with their own set.

· Local Florist – Stop by and visit your local florist and ask to browse their floral catalogues. They should be able to show you what you’re looking for while providing useful information about various species. You’ll also have an opportunity to observe fresh-cut flowers up close and personal. In addition, you can purchase floral gifts and arrange for delivery of flowers here, if you find a particular species that you like.

Pictures of Flowers – Games you can Play

Using this combination of resources, you’ll have an easy time searching for pictures of flowers. We’ve also come up with a fun idea for when you’re trying to pass time on a rainy day. This can be fun for the entire family, which is always a good thing. We recommend a game of “Find the Flower.” All you’ll need is access to the internet or a good set of encyclopedias.

Try looking for pictures of the flowers listed here:

1. Rafflesia Arnoldii
2. Pink Torch Ginger
3. Titan Arum
4. Ghost Flower
5. Devil’s Claw
6. Somei Yoshino Sakura
7. Pygmy Poppy
8. Bakawali Flower
9. Scarlet Locoweed
10. Dittany of Crete

Once you’ve found all ten, you’ll have had the opportunity to view and learn about a wide variety of rare and interesting flowering plants. Some you’ll be familiar with, and some you may never have heard of. Either way, it’s a fun learning experience for all involved, and a great activity for when you’re searching for pictures of flowers. Feel free to come up with your own lists for your children as a fun and educational way to pass time.

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