Perennial Flowers – A Gardener’s Guide

Perennial Flowers – Introduction

Perennial flowers can be described as those which have a life span exceeding one year. What this means is that, when you plant perennial flowers, you won’t need to replace them again the following year. Annuals, the other common variety, almost always require this. By combining the two in your garden you can usually end up ensuring that you can create the look you want without being inconvenienced by having to replace a large number of plants.

Perennial flowers of note include shrubs and trees, many of which can live for hundreds (or even thousands) of years. Perennials often require the least maintenance as well, being naturally hardy so as to promote long and healthy life. Having a garden entirely featuring perennial flowers means you wouldn’t need to do anything except general maintenance to enjoy a yearly garden.

Perennial Flowers – Common Species

Here is a list of some common species of perennial flowers that you can enjoy in your home garden:

· Carnations (Dianthus) – A sun-loving plant that is both easy to grow and extremely popular. They make great gifts, and are often included in delivery as floral arrangements
· Coneflower (Echinacea) – Hardy and sun-loving, often considered perfect beginner plants due to their natural disease resistance. They are easy to grow and long-blooming
· Garden Phlox – Sun loving and extremely hardy, perfect types of flowers for beginner gardeners. If raised well, they will last for decades
· Yarrow – One of the most hardy plants of all, these types of flowers will grow under intense open sun where many others cannot survive
· Hosta – The classic shade-loving plant perfect to include in any garden focused on shade
· Goatsbeard – Perhaps similar to its namesake, this plant is very difficult to kill. It will grow in the worst of conditions, so long as it has shade
· Lungwort – A common spring shade plant, these types of flowers come in a wide variety
· Corydalis lutea – one of the longest-blooming of the shade perennials, these types of flowers will blossom for most of the year.

In Addition to Perennial Flowers

Combining the above perennial flowers with other perennial species can create an amazing yard or garden. Trees, for example, add a lovely appearance to any yard, and can generate shade and immense beauty after having had enough time to grow.

When planting trees, you need to take into consideration how large they will eventually get. Large trees will need a lot of space to grow, and a lot of depth and room for their roots to spread out. Planting them in a corner or near existing trees will greatly prohibit growth. Planting them next to a house can cause the roots to eventually crack the foundation, which causes leaks and can lead to severe structural damage.

When given enough space to grow, trees, especially flowering varieties (like apple or cherry trees) can lend a great beauty and natural appeal to your garden.

When planting shrubs, you must keep in mind the same strategies on a smaller scale. Don’t plant them too close to each other, or too close to trees or your beds of perennial flowers. They will end up contending for space, soil, water and nutrients, and some may end up dying off as a result. Avoid planting them under large trees so that they’ll be able to receive sunlight required for photosynthesis.

Perennial Flowers – Gardening Tips

When planting perennial flowers or any other types of plants, make sure that the quality of your soil is maintained at a high level to promote growth. Keep it well-drained if needed, and mix it with topsoil and manure from the garden center for the best results. When preparing a bed, mix the soil to a depth of eight inches and then layer it with a garden rake. This will provide ample space for perennial flowers to grow into.

Perennial Flowers as Gifts

Perennial flowers make great gifts as well. Stop by your local florist and inquire about creating or picking out pre-made bouquets and other floral arrangements. You can usually also acquire seed packets there for home-growth in the garden. If you have any gardening questions, they will also be well armed and able to help you out with handy and useful advice.

You can shop online at their website and browse their entire selection. You can also make payments through a secure form and arrange for delivery to your own home or to that of friends or family around the world. Same-day domestic guarantees mean you perennial flowers will arrive fresh and on time – every time.

This is perfect for busy people, of for those who live far away from loved ones. You can enjoy the entire convenient process from the comfort of your own home or office, meaning you can avoid nasty weather or save time in last-minute situations.

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