May Flowers – A Guide to the Flowers of Spring

May flowers are one of the most highly-anticipated features of the springtime. Although April flowers may be some of the first signs of life that the spring reveals, it is the May flowers that truly shine with their beautiful displays in the wild and in your garden. A very large number of flower and plant species come to life in May as the budding and growth process mature to higher levels.

Organizing your home garden to display a wide variety of May flowers is one way to ensure that your garden will be home to a large variety of birds and insects crucial to sustaining a healthy ecosystem. It will also make your yard a more enjoyable place to pass the day, be it with a cup of tea and a good book, activities with the kids, or a family picnic.

We’ve put together this guide to some of the more common May flowers that you should consider for inclusion into your garden. Although some of these species may also bloom earlier, differing climates may make for different results. Of course, even earlier blooming means you can enjoy them for a longer amount of time, which is a great bonus.

May Flowers – Common Varieties

There are a number of common May flowers that are worthy additions to any garden – front or back, public or private. The key is to combine vibrant colors with practical plants that help to benefit the creatures that rely on your garden for their daily lives. As such, we’ve detailed some common springtime garden flowers here for your information:

· Azalea – Azaleas are flowering shrubs that make up part of the popular rhododendron family. The blossoms of these plants tend to all appear at the same time, and remain for about two months during spring. This spectacle is a popular draw at botanical gardens, and would make a great addition to a home garden.

Well-drained soil is best for the azalea, although plant pots are also an excellent choice if you have limited space. Constant pruning is often required to make sure that the plant doesn’t get out of control or that branches begin to grow inwards, potentially stunting growth.

Azaleas come in a wide variety of colors, including shades of white, red pink and purple. They spread over time and can live for decades, meaning that they will compliment other May flowers nicely.

· Petunia – Petunias are small attractive May flowers that come in a wide variety of pleasing colors. They are usually sold as annual plants, although they are technically perennials and capable of surviving for several years under ideal conditions. Petunias require full sun to thrive, and should only be watered when the soil beneath is dry to the touch.

· Rose – Roses are largely considered to be the most popular plant in the entire world, with thousands of varieties having been cultivated over the years. Commonly associated with love and romance, this plant is definitely a worthy addition to any garden. May flowers are common, although earlier blossoms may occur in good conditions.

The rose is a climbing vine-like shrub that will use its thorny prickles to latch onto other plants and objects to facilitate growth. It is possible to see rose plants reach heights of twenty feet if allowed to dominate in their vicinity. As such, casual pruning may be necessary to keep the rose in check.

De-heading is a procedure used to selectively remove dead or dying blooms to promote re-growth and to prevent the stems from dying. It can also help to maintain the shape of the bush and to eliminate debris from the garden below.

May Flowers – Conclusion

This list is but a small representation of the available May flowers. Generally, it can be assumed that most flowers will bloom in May, so you are granted with a large number of options when planning your garden. A few gardening tips to remember are to heed sun and shade requirements to promote growth and health of your May flowers, and to allow each individual plant enough space to grow so as to prevent crowding.

By mixing and matching a variety of species and colors, you can effectively create a fresh and unique garden that friends and family alike will enjoy spending time in. They might even ask how you did it, which could transform you into a gardening guru of sorts amongst your circles.

You can also enjoy May flowers inside or as gifts ordered through your local florist. Stop by their shop or visit them online to browse their inventory, place orders, and arrange for delivery. May flowers are perfect to enjoy for any occasion, and the natural choice for Mothers Day. Best of all, May flowers are here to be enjoyed. So kick back, relax, and enjoy the spring time.

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