Balloon Bouquets Brighten Birthdays, Holidays, and More

Balloon Bouquets Gaining Popularity

To many people a balloon is the perfect symbol of joy, a carefree representation of youth, and a very handy party decoration. Balloon bouquets combine a bunch of different balloons and tie them together with colorful string to make an attractive decoration for parties and celebrations. Such arrangements are usually filled with helium so that they float.

Many of us have childhood memories of the balloon that got away, and balloon bouquets offer a great opportunity for children to enjoy the carefree spirit of balloons as they float through the air. Whether for a child’s party or a formal event or function, balloon bouquets are greatly versatile and highly popular arrangements that are gaining validity for all sorts of occasions.

The Science behind Balloon Bouquets

There are two primary varieties of balloons that are sold and used by florists and party suppliers. The first and most common is the traditional stretchy latex balloon. This is the one most likely to hold a special place in our heart when we think back to crazy skirmishes using water balloons as grenades and the unmistakable burning feeling in our cheeks that tell us we’ve blown up one too many.

A latex balloon is great because you can quickly blow it up, tie it off, and then use it for its intended purpose. They come in nearly every color imaginable and vary in size and shape, making them versatile. Balloon bouquets featuring the latex variety are often employed at child’s parties, and contain helium to keep them in the air.

The only problem with latex balloon bouquets is that latex is, by nature, a porous material. This means that the small helium molecules (smaller in size than regular oxygen molecules) will eventually seep out of your balloon bouquets, explaining the characteristic pile you’ll find on the floor after a few days. Many florists use a type of rubber cement to strengthen the inside of balloon bouquets, but even this doesn’t last forever.

The other alternative is a substance called mylar, which happens to be a shiny metallic film that is manufactured specifically to lengthen the duration that balloon bouquets can remain afloat. Mylar balloons are commonly emblazoned with messages like “get well” and “happy birthday,” making them one of the most popular gift arrangements available today.

Mylar is a denser, less-porous alternative to latex and means that helium will remain trapped inside for a longer period of time. This can extend the life of balloon bouquets by several days, often doubling their value.

Creative Custom Balloon Bouquets

One of the best places for shopping for balloon bouquets happens to be your local florist. They specialize in party arrangements, and something like balloon bouquets is right up their alley. By discussing the idea for your party with the florist you can come up with some excellent creative ideas that will transform any party into a great experience for your friends and family.

It’s also popular and common to combine balloon bouquets with other gift items. For example, tying balloon bouquets to the handle of a gift basket presents a present that has two different levels of enjoyment. Combining them with flowers and other items is also a great way to round out the decorations at a party, BBQ or other special event.

For example, consider combining a friend or family member’s favorite flowers with balloon bouquets to act as centerpieces for a party. This is often of great sentimental value due to the popularity and enjoyable nature of balloon bouquets combined with the universal appeal of flowers.

For a romantic occasion combining a dozen long stem roses with balloon bouquets with messages of love written on them (mylar is best for this) can help win your way to someone’s heart. It’s also a nice compliment to traditional gifts like jewelry and chocolates.

Community events benefit greatly from balloons, and you can always have your order delivered directly to a convention center, church or other gathering place. This can be a great way to surprise other guests or to thank the organizer of the event you are attending

Ordering Balloon Bouquets

It’s an easy process to order balloons, flowers and other gifts. Simply head on down to visit your local florist and discuss the nature of your order with them. They’ll be happy to provide creative advice if you need it, and can point out previous ideas that worked well for other customers. If you have a special design in mind the florist will be happy to accommodate it.

As a convenient alternative you can rely on the florist’s website to combine the quality of their service with the speed of the internet. This can save time as you place orders from home or at the office, and can help to preserve secrecy for parties. Same-day local delivery guarantees also mean you can place last-minute orders and have them arrive just in time.

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