Lily Flowers – A Gardener’s Guide

Lily Flowers – Basic Information

Lily flowers are one of the most strikingly beautiful and unique species of flowers in the world, and very popular choices for inclusions in home gardens. There are actually around one hundred and ten separate species of lily flowers, which means that as a gardener you have a fair bit of choice as to which varieties you can grow. The vibrant colors and intensely pleasant fragrance will cause you to instantly love this flower, regardless of which type you choose.

Lily flowers are characterized by long stems at the top of which sit three large petals and three sepals (the green leaf-like structures that rest under the petals). Colors range across the spectrum from white through to yellow, orange, red, pink and even black in some cases. It is typical for lily flowers to be adorned with markings, most often spots or what resembles brush strokes.

Lily flowers display their blossoms during the summer, when it is common to see them rising majestically out of people’s gardens. The height of the flower means that you can plant lily flowers amongst larger, bushier varieties of plant and still be able to enjoy it with an unobstructed view. Lily flowers are also a popular choice for lining fences and pathways along the side of a house.

Lily Flowers – Common Species for the Garden

There are a number of different species that are prized for their appearance and pleasant aroma. It’s a great idea to include one or several of these in your garden, especially if you’re looking to create a fragrant yard. These are some of the more common species:

· Trumpet Lilies – Trumpet lilies are garden favorites because of their classic beauty, 4’ to 5’ height, and perfumed fragrance. They generally bloom in July between early-flowering Asiatic varieties and the later-blooming Oriental lilies. These large trumpet-shaped lilies naturalize well, and grow best in full sun to partial shade.

· Tiger Lilies – These lily flowers are amongst the most popular garden plants in North America. Also known as the red lily, these species is native to a wide range across the continent. The deep orange or red flowers of this perennial are up to three inches wide with black spots on the bases of the petals and sepals. The narrow leaves are about two inches long.

Lily Flowers – Interesting Uses

Many species are widely grown in the garden in temperate and sub-tropical regions. They are also often grown as potted plants. A large number of ornamental hybrids have been developed because of the vast visual appeal of lily flowers. Lilies make a great patio plant, and are good for creating a natural border along a garden.

The bulbs of lily flowers are commonly eaten in China and other Asian countries, where they are believed to be very healthy. They are usually eaten in the summertime because of their ability to reduce internal heat. They are widely-grown for consumption and are largely considered a luxury item in China. The flavor can be likened to that of a potato, and the texture of the starchy bulbs is quite similar.

Lilies are the most common and popular flower to bring to funerals due to their symbolic representation of the soul of the deceased having received a renewal of innocence upon death. It is this same relationship with the concepts of innocence and purity that make them popular wedding decorations and gifts for young girls.

Lily Flowers – Planting Advice

Lily flowers tend to enjoy exposure to sunlight, although the amount that each varied species prefers may differ somewhat. You can usually find out by checking the tag on the plant or the wording on a bulb package from the garden center. It is here that you can also find instructions for watering, soil concentration and any other things that can be considered helpful for nurturing a garden.

Lily Flowers – Where to Learn More

A good source of information for this species of plant is your local florist. Lilies are popular cut flowers for bouquets and arrangements, meaning the florist’s shop will be a good place to find out more about the species. You can also purchase a bouquet of lilies or another custom floral arrangement here and arrange for delivery as a gift or a decoration for your own home.

To find out more about a larger variety of species to consider for your garden, browsing online or visiting your local library to check out gardening books are both good options. You can usually find a wealth of helpful information here that will help facilitate the growth of a vibrant and healthy garden.

By including lilies in your garden you’ll be creating a space that you and your family will love to spend time in. Entertaining friends and guests will be a breeze with a patio or garden lined with this species.

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