Water Garden Suggestions for Home Landscaping

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One of the greatest historical strategies for creative and attractive gardening has been the use of water to enhance the appearance of gardens in unique and unusual ways. A water garden has incredible appeal. Not only does it bring the tranquility and natural beauty of lakes and streams into an urban setting, but it also has incredible powers of relaxation. Sitting next to a body of water and listening to the sounds can be one of the most soothing experiences of all.

It is becoming more and more popular to include a water garden in your home, especially with advances in technology that helps cycle and purify the contents. One fortunate thing is that a water garden is both affordable and easily doable without having to expend a great deal of resources and labor in the process. Depending on your plans or desires, you can design a water garden that works for you.

Being able to retire at the end of the day to your water garden to listen to the sound of your pond or fountain tinkling away can help you unwind and is proven to cut back on stress. This can transform your yard from a mere feature of your home to a valuable and beloved sanctuary. At the very least, it provides an enjoyable location for family and friends to socialize.

Ideas for Your Water Garden

Given the appeal and popularity of using a water garden to decorate your home, many efforts have been made to come up with new and creative means of building one. Ponds, fountains, miniature waterfalls and more are all possible and available. Here are some useful tidbits of information about the most common types:

· Ponds – The pond is the most basic element of a water garden. It can be as small or as large as you need or want and can easily act alone without further items. Ponds often have water recycling systems that help to keep them fresh and healthy for fish and other animals living inside. Other varieties require occasional manual cleaning.

A pond can vastly enhance the ecosystem of your yard. Providing a haven for water-loving creatures like frogs and salamanders can help to give them a much-needed home in a crowded urban setting. Adding fish to your pond not only makes your water garden more enjoyable, but can work together with the presence of frogs to cut back on pesky insects.

Ponds allow you to plant and grow aquatic flowers, many of which you’ll find add a beauty and elegance to your garden that is hard to replicate through other means. A list of common aquatic plants can be found towards the end of this article.

· Fountains – Fountains come in many shapes, sizes and varieties. You can use them in tandem with a pond to create a very special water garden centerpiece. By themselves, fountains can add spice to a deck or patio while still providing the same soothing benefits of other water garden items.

Many fountains come in elaborate and decorative forms that can be both breathtaking and awe inspiring. A fierce animal or stern deity are both popular choices and can really enhance the appearance of your water garden.

Common Water Garden Plants

The following species of plant are suitable for growth in and around your water garden. Be sure to find out sun and shade requirements before planting to help increase overall health and avoid stunted growth.

· Water Lilies – The water lily is the classic lily pad associated with ponds and frogs. These aquatic flowers are an absolute must for any successful pond. Not only do they provide blossoms for a lengthy period of time, but they also spread shade in the water. This cuts down on algae, which requires sun to grow, and keeps the water clean and clear.

· Duckweed – Duckweed is a floating plant that is a great addition to any pond that will have fish living in it. It provides peaceful shelter for them, and is also a great source of food for larger types of fish.

· Water Cress – The water cress enjoys a quick growth period, and displays attractive small white flowers. These aquatic flowers need sun to remain healthy. Interestingly, you can harvest them for use in salads as a tasty ingredient.

· Water Hawthorn – This variety of the hawthorn plant produces fragrant white flowers with a black center in late winter and during the spring, and has bright green floating leaves for the rest of the year. They can tolerate a bit of shade, if needed, but should still have access to some sun for best results.

By combining ponds with fountains and by growing some or all of the above plants, you can produce a water garden that will be the envy of your neighbors. Check out your local garden center for supplies and creative inspiration.

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