Rose Bouquets: The Universal Gift

Rose Bouquets Have Stood up to the Test of Time

When you think about love and romance, one of the symbols you might use to associate with these ideas is that of the flower. Flowers have a certain power of people that have led to them being enjoyed for numerous reasons over the course of thousands of years; in every place mankind has settled. Out of all of the available varieties, roses have been unquestionably the most popular.

Rose bouquets have been linked to romance for a very long time. Particularly in Europe, they have often been used as the single most valuable and constant symbol of romance and love. Any man interested in letting his girlfriend or wife know how much he loved her would traditionally buy her rose bouquets.

This tradition has not only lasted to this day, but expanded far beyond its original boundaries. A dozen long-stem red roses may be synonymous with Valentine’s Day or anniversaries to many of us and is so popular that they have become the number one global floral export. This means that all other species of flowers are defeated by rose bouquets when it comes time to buy a loved on a gift.

Holiday Ideas Featuring Rose Bouquets

In case you’ve never taken advantage of rose bouquets as romantic gifts in the past, we’ll provide you with a little more background to explain their great value and worth. Red flowers are commonly associated with love, passion and other romantic emotions. In the Victorian era in particular, it became very common and popular to exchange flowers based on certain color coding rules.

Given the fact that public displays of affection where frowned upon and vulgar during this time period, it became suitable to let someone know you loved them through other means. Red flowers, and rose bouquets in particular, were assigned the role of romantic messengers. This role has never been abandoned, and will likely remain for thousands of years to come.

In the modern era, gift-giving retains its significance and value. In fact, one could argue that gift giving drives our economy, with the Christmas season and other holidays being the primary means of earning revenue for a large majority of retail industries. Out of all available gift ideas, many people still choose fresh arrangements of flowers over electronics, art and other popular items.

Of course, rose bouquets are right there at the top, leading the entire pack. On Valentine’s Day in particular, you will see a high demand and increase in sales for rose bouquets as people scramble to acquire them for their loved ones.

On the next Valentine’s Day, consider rose bouquets that mix red with white, or perhaps pink and white to create combinations of colors that deviate a bit from the traditional red. Solid rose bouquets work just as well, as do ones that are creatively mixed with other species of flowers. Ask your florist for ideas and suggestions, and they’ll be able to provide a range of different options to select from.

Anniversaries present similar occasions to enjoy rose bouquets. The traditional dozen red rose bouquets are almost expected these days, meaning the only way you can go wrong is not to buy them. You can benefit from the same alternatives as above, however, as typically any type of rose bouquets are well-received by recipients.

Creative suggestions include replacing rose bouquets with a wreath, table centerpiece or other different item. Gift baskets are particularly popular due to the fact that you can combine literally anything to create one. Fruit, chocolate, candles, bath products, massage oil and more are all great options, with the best part being that you can share them.

Tips for Buying Rose Bouquets

If you’ve decided you wish to go ahead with rose bouquets, thus taking advantage of the timeless beauty this plant species has to offer, you may wish to consider some buying tips. First of all, it’s often a great idea to place your order a day or two ahead of time. This is especially important for Valentine’s Day, when orders for rose bouquets will be coming in by the boatload.

By placing your order a few days early, it allows your florist to better prepare the arrangement and to deal with setbacks like limited stock or late supply deliveries. It also gives you priority over latecomers while reducing the stress of a last-minute purchase.

Whether buying rose bouquets for romantic reasons, as bridal decorations or even as gifts for your baby’s room, taking advantage of delivery is the way to go. Same-day local and domestic delivery guarantees that your rose bouquets will arrive on time, every time, leaving minimal chance for heartache. Next-day international guarantees present similar possibilities for enjoying the gift-giving power that roses possess.

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