Mexican Flowers – A Guide to Latin-American Species

Mexican Flowers – Introduction

One of the appeals of Latin America to the early explorers was the wealth of strange and beautiful plant species previously unknown in the old world. Of particular appeal was the wide range of Mexican flowers, many of which were so different to species back home that they became instant hits. Many of them were so popular that they remain common garden staples throughout North American gardens.

One of the great things about Mexican flowers is that they are native to a naturally arid and harsh environment, making them hardy and healthy choices for your home garden. Plants that require a minimal amount of maintenance and that have the least chance of succumbing to disease, parasitic infection or physical damage can keep your garden going for a long time when used properly.

Mexican Flowers – A Guide to Popular Species

We’ve put together a list of common species of Mexican flowers to assist with the planning of your garden. Whether you’re looking to recreate the look of home or simply interested in trying something new, the appeal of Mexican flowers will make them a great amount of fun to work with.

· Canna – The canna plant is a popular one with great importance, due to its high starch content. It is a large agricultural crop for just this reason. Aside from practical appeals, however, the canna is a great example of Mexican flowers at their best. Its large and attractive leaves and flowers make it a good choice for a home garden. Of note are the large stamens which eclipse the petals and sepals of the flower head.

· Tuberose – These Mexican flowers are a member of the agave family, and usually flower at night. The white blossoms make a good addition to your garden if you desire something that will flower late in the day. The extracts of this plant are important to the perfume industry, and the blossom itself is very pleasantly fragrant.

· Marigolds – These are a common garden favorite in North America, and are perhaps the most popular Mexican flowers for use around the home. The vibrant reds, oranges and yellows of these plants make a great addition to any garden. Their strong, pungent fragrance keeps away some garden pests, making them a good floral guardian for more vulnerable species.

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