Silk Flowers – The Perfect Substitute for the Real Thing

Silk Flowers – Introduction

Silk flowers comprise the vast majority of all artificial floral displays available for purchase and delivery. Silk is inexpensive and easy to manufacture, which makes it the perfect material for the creation of attractive and quality flower substitutes.

Why use silk flowers, you might be asking, when the real things are even better? Well, there are a number of reasons we recommend silk flowers for decorating. The first reason is that silk flowers never die. Once you buy them and place them in your home, they’ll remain there forever. This is great for the wintertime when access to fresh flowers is not as easy as in the spring and summer.

Silk flowers don’t require any maintenance beyond a light dusting now and then. You don’t need to water them or change their pots and fertilizer. They don’t require any sunlight to look beautiful, and can be placed in any room of the house. This is ideal for basements and other dark areas where real flowers might not normally thrive.

Silk Flowers – Additional Uses

Silk flowers make a wise choice for the office. Oftentimes people will suffer from pollen allergies that prevent the presence of real plants. Silk flowers are the perfect answer to this problem. Not only do they require zero maintenance and produce no allergens, but they also generate the same feelings of wellbeing and contentment as real plants and blossoms. It’s a good way to keep motivation, morale, and productivity as high as possible.

Silk flowers make excellent outdoor decorations. You can include them amongst real flowers to produce a desired combination, especially if the real flower you desire is not suited to your climate or very difficult to find (for example, tropical flowers in a cold temperate location). Consider decorating your porch or backyard patio with arrangements of silk flowers to boost the overall appearance of your property.

Silk Flowers – The Art of Recreation

Floral artisans responsible for creating silk flowers have developed such advanced methods and procedures that they are capable of producing replicas that are nearly impossible to distinguish from the real thing. Leaf vein patterns, sculpted blossoms and opening buds are all common features that lend your arrangement a natural look everyone will be able to appreciate.

This painstaking and loving process has been mastered to allow you to enjoy your favorite plants even if they’re impossible to find. Masterfully-crafted orchids and roses will make a fine addition to any dining room table centerpiece, and replicated Lily of the Valley and other tropical blooms can create an exotic feel in locations where this would not be possible with real plants.

Silk Flowers – Ideas for the Holidays

The holidays offer us a prime opportunity to enjoy floral arrangements. Oftentimes specific types of flower are suitable (and often required) as decorations. Another feature about artificial plants is that you can store them away without harm if they happen to be seasonal, and then bring them out again the next year for the holidays. Perhaps the greatest example of this practice is the artificial Christmas tree, which spares many of us from the logistics of harvesting a real one each December.

For Christmas, we recommend replicated versions of the holly plant, mistletoe and poinsettia. Poinsettias are a great choice because real ones tend to be toxic when consumed, and may pose a mild threat to children or family pets. Artificial wreaths and ivy garlands are also extremely popular. The ability to store these away for the next holiday season is only icing on the cake.

Easter arrangements, designed with mild eye-pleasing pastel colors, are another prime use for silk flowers. They make excellent gifts, are a great accompaniment to an Easter basket and can really liven up the home in time for this cheerful and spirited holiday.

Halloween arrangements are also possible. It might seem unusual to consider decorating with plants for this holiday, but you can have customized orange and black variations designed and put together for a party. You can also consider using artificial spooky trees and shrubs for added effect outside. Of course, these can be stored away as well, which is most appropriate given the fact that scaring visitors away during the rest of the year isn’t considered a kind thing to do!

Silk Flowers – Safety Benefits

There are two chief safety benefits to using artificial floral arrangements, as we’ve touched upon above. Both the lack of pollen and toxins that may be found in real plants can allow you to enjoy a favored flower without enduring any harmful side-effects.

There are many beautiful plants that are extremely poisonous or at least mildly deadly when consumed, and this can prove a problem if you have inquisitive pets or children. Artificial variants eliminate this risk, without eliminating your ability to enjoy that species in your home or garden.

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