Sun Flowers – A Gardener’s Guide to Sun-Loving Species

Sun Flowers – Why a sun garden?

Sun flowers and plants are those which require high concentrations of exposure to direct sunlight in order to thrive and grow. Most common garden species require at least some degree of light, and it’s important to make sure that you are meeting their needs when you plant them around your home.

Sun flowers are the ones that we most often get to enjoy during the summertime. As we sit outside under the sun’s rays, soaking up the heat with a good book and a cool glass of lemonade, we love to be able to see and smell a beautiful garden. In order to successfully grow one, you will need to follow certain rules and guidelines to ensure that nothing gets in the way of creating a work of art.

Sun Flowers – The Basics

When growing a garden dedicated to sun flowers and sun-loving plants in general, exposure is the single-most critical thing to keep in mind. You want to make sure that the garden you dig has direct exposure to sunlight for the longest amount of time possible throughout the day. This can be determined simply by finding out which direction the sun rises in during the morning, and how long it tends to stay overhead certain areas of your home.

Planting sun flowers in these exposed areas ensures that they receive the maximum light to aid in their growth and good health. You also want to be sure that nothing else can interfere with the light, such as overhanging trees, larger plants, or features like a fence or wall. You should plant your garden way from these when possible so that you can guarantee the most success.

Soil quality is another big issue. In high-exposure areas, the soil can be dry and cracked, making a poor home for many sun flowers you may wish to plant. In order to compensate for this, it is a good idea to break up the dry dirt, mix in some quality topsoil from your garden center, and then add a covering that helps to cool the earth, such as peat moss or cocoa husks. A 1/3 ratio of each is best, when possible.

Watering is also very important, especially in dry and hot areas. Run a sprinkler on your garden several times a week to help keep your summer flowers healthy. If you don’t have the room to set one up (such as in a side walkway or limited yard) you can use the hose, set on a mist setting, to manually water. Using a large gardening water can is a great idea as well, because you can mix fertilizer in with it when required.

Sun Flowers – Advanced Ideas

Once you have succeeded in planting your garden, you are well on your way to being able to enjoy the multiple species of fresh sun flowers that will be springing up. Once they’re in full bloom, there are some tips that we recommend to help keep them in tip-top shape throughout the months.

· Weeding. It is a must to weed your garden. Not only do most weeds look unpleasant next to your brilliantly-blooming sun flowers, but they also aggressively move in and hog the water and nutrients intended for other plants. This can kill off your garden fast.

The best way to control weeds is to spot them and remove them early on. If allowed to seed, you will swiftly have a giant mess on your hands that will require hours of maintenance to repair.

· Pruning. It is recommended to prune back the larger plants in your garden so that they don’t start to overshadow your sun flowers. If they do this, it will stunt their growth and even kill them off. Don’t overdue it, but be sure to prune back some sections that look like they might become problematic if left unattended.

· Deheading. Deheading is another process similar to pruning that involves removing the blossoms of your sun flowers to encourage a second cycle of blooming. Again, don’t overdo it, but remove enough that the plant realizes it needs to put out more buds. This can extend the life of your garden for several weeks.

Sun Flowers – A Few Final Pieces of Information

A garden prominently featuring sun flowers can be great to look at, will produce some lovely aromas, and can be a great source for bouquets to use as decoration in your house. By following our tips above and by searching online for further gardening advice, you will be sure to grow a successful garden filled with sun flowers everyone will enjoy looking at.

The best places to buy sun flowers and their seeds are garden centers or your local florist’s shop. The latter can also supply you with fresh-cut flowers to send as gifts or use as decorations if you don’t wish to harm your garden.

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