White Flowers – Historical Meaning and List of Common Species

phpgeyf6qam.jpgWhite Flowers – Introduction

White flowers have a long and popular tradition around the world. In many cultures, they represent purity, chastity, innocence, life and goodness. As a result, they have been integrated into many customs, ceremonies and celebrations. These traditions have strengthened over time and show no sign of lapsing, and so one can assume that white flowers will play a rule in society and culture for many years to come.

The Meaning behind White Flowers

It can be argued that the first ties between white flowers and the positive characteristics listed above are related to religion. Many religions view white as the color of good and black as that of evil, so it’s only natural to assume that people adopted this symbolism and spread its representation into many aspects of life and the world.

Superstition plays a healthy role in older traditions, which leads into the next topic of discussion. Perhaps the most familiar ceremony utilizing white flowers and the color in general are weddings. White, being the symbol of purity, innocence and virginity, is the traditional color of dress in Christian ceremonies. Adorning the dress with white flowers adds to the overall message, and is a perfect choice.

The usage of white for weddings is directly related to religion, as having the bride advertise her purity brings good luck to the ceremony and the wedding couple’s future together. This remains a popular tradition to this day, with no signs of fading.

White is also used at funerals, given its versatility in that it can also represent peace. The white dove is the universal symbol for peace, and so white flowers can work well to get that message across. Displaying a white bouquet, wreath or casket spray at a funeral service allows for the delivery of a message of peace and tranquility, which is wished for the soul of the deceased.

White Flowers – Common Species

· Rose – Although the rose is not exclusively white, white varieties are amongst the most common. As such, this is easily one of the most popular white flowers in the world. Suitable for weddings, funerals, birthdays, anniversaries and a plethora of other occasions, the rose has a universal appeal that is shared by many different cultures across the globe.

The rose is a flowering shrub of the genus Rosa, and the flower of this shrub. There are more than a hundred species of wild roses in the world, all of which hail from temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. The rose is a hardy plant, which uses its prickly thorn-like protrusions to climb up other plants as it grows. As a result, a rose plant can reach heights of twenty meters if given the opportunity.

When planning a bouquet or corsage for a wedding, combining these white flowers with other blooms creates a memorable arrangement that will be the envy of guests. The elegance of the rose is undeniable, and is one of the reasons for its great popularity around the world.

· Daisy – Daisies are some of the most popular white flowers in the world. Long a symbol of truth and purity, they have enjoyed extensive popularity for hundreds of years wherever they are found. Daisies were often used to create a wedding bouquet when other flowers were not as readily available.

Technically a wildflower, daisies are widespread throughout Europe and North America. You can find these white flowers growing in fields, ditches and gardens. Their bright and cheerful blooms attract insects as well as human eyes, thus helping to propagate the species in its native environment.

· Carnation – Although carnations come in many colors and varieties, the white one are extremely popular for weddings and funerals. They also make great gifts for Mother’s Day, and are amongst the most common orders placed for delivery. The carnation is native to the Middle East, although it has long since been introduced to other locales. Cultivation has resulting in a wide array of colors.

White Flowers – Conclusion

Whether you’re planning a wedding or funeral, or just looking for a great gift idea, they make an ideal choice. Be sure to include white flowers with all varieties of fresh blossoms in order to emphasize the vibrant colors of the other species. Thanks to their ability to go with pretty much anything, the combinations are practically endless.

Due to the historical and cultural significance of white flowers, and the fact that they are so well suited to so many different celebrations and occasions, it is reasonable to assume that they will remain a dominant component of the floral market for many years to come.

These positive characteristics mean that we’ll be able to enjoy them throughout all of our lives, unlike so many other things in this rapidly changing world. With the difficulty of finding such things, their value will remain high for a very long time.

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