Types of Flowers – Learn More About Annuals and Perennials

Types of flowers are identified through the species of plant they belong to, rather than through the blossoms themselves, which are merely the equivalent of reproductive organs. To compile a list of every type of plant in the world would require a very large book, which is why this essay will focus on the two chief types of flowers – annual and perennial.

If you’re into gardening, you’re likely familiar with these terms already, but the two can be confusing for new gardening enthusiasts. The following information will help you better plan your garden based upon the nature of various plants, and will hopefully keep you from planting the wrong types of flowers.


Like the name suggests, annuals are types of flowers and plants that experience their entire life cycle in just one year. This means that, once planted, they will sprout, grow, flower and die all within one year. There are many popular varieties of annual plants, and they make a great addition to any garden. They do require replacement every year, however, as new bulbs or seeds must be planted to replace the old.

Although it is possible to extend the lifespan of an annual plant by preventing it from seeding, the vast majority adhere to the general rule of one single year. Annuals are types of flowers typical to spring and summer, and tend to have the longest period of bloom. This means that a healthy presence of annual plants in your garden means you can enjoy fresh colors for the longest possible period of time.

Many food plants, including grains, corn, beans and peas are annual, and must be replanted each year. This often works well with modern crop rotation strategies, as it becomes possible to plant a new variety each year or allow the field to remain fallow without having to destroy valuable existing plants.

Common types of flowers of the annual variety

· Sweet Alyssum – enjoys full sun and partial shade and are suitable for edging and rock gardens
· Begonia – enjoys mostly shade and is suitable for container-growing
· Geranium – a full sun plant useful as a foreground presentation or in a container
· Impatiens – another shade flower suitable for either edging or container presentation
· Marigold – popular full sun plant great for edging and containers alike, these types of flowers are known to keep pest insects away with their pungent aroma.
· Snapdragon – hardy plant that enjoys sun and shade, great for borders
· Verbena – full sun flower perfect for use as ground cover


Perennials are types of flowers and plants that live for more than two years, and include many large plants that include trees, shrubs, and many types of flowers. There are two major varieties of perennials, woody and herbaceous.

Woody perennials are classified as any type that develop a woody base or root system that persists from year to year, and from which the foliage and flowers grow on an annual basis. Trees are the most common example.

In more standard usage, the term perennial refers to herbaceous perennials, which are types of flowers that are structured like the common garden flowers we’re all familiar with. Other examples include moss and ferns.

You don’t need to worry as much about placement of perennial plants in your garden when it comes to planning. Unless something happens to them, they will remain there the next year. This means you are free to select annual types of flowers that compliment them, and can switch and alternate from year to year. The only thing to take into consideration is that perennials never really stop growing, so make sure you have enough room to accommodate larger trees and shrubs.

Common types of flowers of the perennial variety

· Carnations (Dianthus) – A sun-loving plant that is both easy to grow and extremely popular. They make great gifts, and are often included in delivery as floral arrangements
· Coneflower (Echinacea) – Hardy and sun-loving, often considered perfect beginner plants due to their natural disease resistance. They are easy to grow and long-blooming
· Garden Phlox – Sun loving and extremely hardy, perfect types of flowers for beginner gardeners. If raised well, they will last for decades
· Yarrow – One of the most hardy plants of all, these types of flowers will grow under intense open sun where many others cannot survive
· Hosta – The classic shade-loving plant perfect to include in any garden focused on shade
· Goatsbeard – Perhaps similar to its namesake, this plant is very difficult to kill. It will grow in the worst of conditions, so long as it has shade
· Lungwort – A common spring shade plant, these types of flowers come in a wide variety
· Corydalis lutea – one of the longest-blooming of the shade perennials, these types of flowers will blossom for most of the year.

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