Tropical Flowers: An Overview

Tropical Flowers: Introduction

Tropical flowers are extremely popular around the world, both for inclusion in non-tropical gardens and for use in gifts, arrangements and decorations. Tropical flowers are often strikingly different from most of their standard European and North American counterparts. Much of this is due to climate. Tropical flowers enjoy an abundance of rain, allowing for vibrant colors and lush green foliage. Many regions of the northern hemisphere are often dry, meaning that local flowers need to be hardier to survive.

When first discovered by explorers, tropical flowers were received in Europe with great enthusiasm. Their elegant beauty was not lost on the luxury-oriented royal courts of the exploration era, and great respect and often rewards were lavished upon explorers who were able to find new and extravagant tropical flowers.

Much like animals from a widely different climate, tropical flowers are difficult to keep healthy in drier, more hostile environments. With time and patience, and a great deal of trial and error, Renaissance botanists were able to succeed in growing tropical flowers. They were even able to cross-breed many species, creating many of the popular tropical flowers we all know and love today.

Tropical Flowers – a List of Popular Tropical Flowers

· Anthurium – Anthurium, the “Heart of Hawaii,” was originally brought to the island by the English from Columbia in the late nineteenth century. It is one of the longest-lasting flowers once picked, making it perfect for arrangements. You can expect anthurium to last upwards of two weeks with little difficulty.

· Obake Anthurium – A subspecies of anthurium native to Japan, it comes in many varieties and colors. So many, in fact, that it was given the name “obake,” which is Japanese for both “ghost” and “change.” Fitting, given the fact that so many unique combinations can be found, even on a single plant. Red combines with green, or with other colors, to produce something truly beautiful and unique.

· Bird of Paradise – This south African flower is widely loved due to its unusual appearance, often likened to resemble the head and plumage of a majestic bird. The bird of paradise is very popular in tropical arrangements, and should not be overlooked during planning. It makes a great addition to just about any type of tropical flowers.

· Heliconias – Named after Mt. Heliconia, the ancient home of the Greek Gods, this flower is popular in Hawaii and North America. 98 percent of the some 300-400 known species are native to South America, making it one of the jewels of the Amazon. A truly beautiful flower, and one to include in any tropic-oriented arrangement.

· Orchids – Orchids are, after roses, one of the most popular flowers in the world. Nearly 40,000 different varieties occur in the wild alone, not to mention the myriad hybrids and crossbreeds that have been engineered over the years. Fresh orchids are well-suited to bouquets of flowers, as its vibrant coloration presents a delivery of beauty and elegance that is hard to match.

· Proteas – Proteas, named after the Greek god Proteus, are aptly named. Much like the obake anthurium, they are known to come in an incredibly wide variety of appearances. Considering that Proteus was able to change his shape at will, it is only fitting that this excellent flower be named in his honor.

Tropical Flowers – Wedding Ideas

Much like everything else these days, taste in flowers is constantly changing. This means that we are no longer limited to relying on a certain type of flower for wedding ceremonies. Although it’s still widely encouraged to stick with the classics, spicing it up a bit with tropical flowers is never a bad idea.

Consider mixing some classic blooms like the chrysanthemum and rose with orchids to create a fresh and unique look that will leave them talking for weeks to come. This is a good idea for the bridal bouquet, but orchids also make a powerful statement when included in a table centerpiece at the reception.

Tropical Flowers – Birthday Ideas

It’s a well-known fact that flowers are the most popular choice of gifts for birthdays. This is thanks to their versatility, in that they are suitable for both men and women of all ages. A flower arrangement is something that everyone enjoys receiving, so if you’re having trouble shopping for that one difficult person who seems to have everything, consider a bouquet of tropical flowers. Not only are they unique, but they’ll be greatly appreciated and admired.

So you Know

One of the best things about using flowers as gifts is that you can arrange for delivery. What this means is that, if you’re not able to personally attend a celebration, you can still send along a gift to relay your love and respect for the friend or family member celebrating the occasion.

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