Yellow Flowers – A Gardener’s Guide

Yellow Flowers – Introduction

Yellow flowers have had a mixed history over the years, with polite society viewing them in varying ways as time progressed. It is interesting to know that they were not originally thought very highly of, and indeed were considered negative during such periods as England’s Victorian Era in the mid 19th century.

Yellow flowers were part of a group of “pale flowers” that had a certain stigma of representing negative emotions like jealousy, dishonesty and feigned affection. A bouquet of them would not be given to a lover or even a friend unless you meant to tell that person a certain unfortunate message. If you were to do otherwise, it would have been quite the social faux-pas!

These visual messages were more obvious to Victorian people. In those days, more emphasis was placed on art and appearances, and so it was considered very trendy to be up to date on the latest meanings of flowers and other gifts. Indeed, vast systems of code and intricacy were developed by the courts and upper aristocracy, much like how modern-day upper class citizens enjoy certain specific social rules about how to act.

Yellow Flowers – Overcoming Their Negative Image

In more recent years, with the abandonment of such emphasis on visual meanings, flowers are often taken for what they are – beautiful gifts of nature that exude a refreshing and delightful personality. Yellow flowers, specifically, have adopted a new meaning. Much like the sun, they now represent joy, happiness, energy and optimism. For the same reasons that many people favor painting a room yellow, these particular flowers have become extremely popular.

There are still some social undertones attached, for those who consider them important. Sending someone yellow flowers can indicate a genuine heart-felt admiration and appreciation for someone while also suggesting that there are no deeper feelings hidden beneath. This is suitable for someone who wishes to present a friend with a beautiful gift, but who does not want any mistaken messages to be sent across in the action.

Aside from that, it is both popular and respectable to present someone with a gift of yellow flowers. It’s a great way to demonstrate friendship, and is something widely appreciated by the vast majority of people. A presentation of fresh and vibrant blossoms can have positive effects on the demeanor and mood of a human being, giving gifts such as these an extra benefit to the recipient.

Yellow Flowers – Gift Tips

The best part about yellow flowers as gifts is the ease at which you can arrange for delivery. This can help you in a situation where you are physically unable to attend a party or gathering, but would still like to let the person know that you’re thinking of them. You can also include yellow flowers with an assortment of other blossoms to create decorative arrangements that combine different colors and appearances together for maximum effect.

Yellow Flowers – In Your Home and Garden

Yellow flowers are also perfect for your home and garden. It’s a popular trend to decorate your living room or kitchen with bright colors, which helps to enhance the relaxation and enjoyment you get out of being present within. If you paint your rooms a light color like blue or off-white, yellow flowers would work together with the walls to create the ambiance you’re hoping to achieve.

When considering landscaping your front or back yard, factoring yellow flowers into the equation is something worth considering. There are vast combinations of annuals and perennials in this color that go well with other types of plants. Having a bright and cheerful yard is just as important as having a bright and cheerful home, so both your family and any visitors present will obtain maximum enjoyment from sitting out there.

Staggering the lighter, more delicate blossoms amongst the more vibrant varieties, such as mixing daffodils with red tulips or a rose bush is just one example of how the multitude of potential combinations can transform your humble garden into a botanist’s paradise.

Yellow Flowers – Conclusion

Armed with this information and collection of gardening ideas, we hope that you will be able to put your plans to the test and end up creating an interior or exterior that you can be proud to call your own work. Remember that combinations are key. Having a monochromatic theme can work, but it’s often best to go with combinations that enhance and compliment one another. This is the type of thing that impresses guests and makes them ask you for advice on how to make their own garden look as great as yours.

Recreate the splendor and majesty of the sun by dotting your gardens and decorating your rooms with yellow flowers. It’s something that everyone can enjoy, and at the end of the day being able to kick back and relax at home is one of the most important things to us all.

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