Winter Flowers – Life in Year’s End

Winter Flowers – What they Mean to Us

Winter flowers are one of the many ways that nature provides us with gifts to help ease the passing of unfortunate times. The cold and dark months of the year’s end often leave us depressed, miserable and longing for the warm sun, grassy fields, and perfume of wild flowers that grow out of the late frosts to herald the arrival of spring.


Fortunately, there is little need to despair. Winter flowers can be found, and we can use their strength and warmth in defiance of the ice and snow to help us get through the lengthy and unfortunate time. Flowers, particularly winter flowers, play an important role in helping to maintain sanity and high spirits during a time when the world is dead and barren.

There are a fair number of ways that you can enjoy winter flowers, even if your garden won’t grow due to a generous blanket of snow. Bouquets and arrangements to display indoors are an excellent means of keeping your spirits high with a touch of spring and summer. Which winter flowers you select are up to you, but here are a few common varieties you may find interesting:Winter Flowers – Common Varieties

The following list describes some of the common and popular varieties of flowering or attractive plants that you can enjoy:

· Ivy – Although not technically winter flowers, some species of ivy do sport blossoms. More importantly, however, is the ease in which ivy can be used to create a decorative wreath, garland or border. When mixed with other varieties, you can produce some classic and highly enjoyable custom designs that will spruce up the interior of any home.

· Holly – Holly plants are small shrubs and trees sporting delicate white flowers and attractive red berries. Although toxic to humans, these berries are an important food source for birds during the wintertime. You can plant and grow these bushes outside, thus allowing you to enjoy some green even when everything else is brown. Also popular for wreaths.

· Poinsettia – Poinsettia are small shrubs and trees that can reach up to 16 feet in height under optimal conditions. They are not technically winter flowers, but the bright red leaves often resemble a colorful blossom. They are a popular Christmas plant as a result. Reports that the plant is toxic are fortunately false, so there is minimal danger if they are accidentally ingested.

These are just a few examples of attractive winter flowers and plants that can be enjoyed indoors and out. There are many different ways you can creatively mix them together to produce unique designs, so it can be fun and interesting to experiment.

Winter Flowers – Christmas Association

Winter flowers are widely used as an important part of Christmas decoration. Although a Christmas tree is usually the centerpiece of any home or celebration, by using the above plants you can create some truly unique decorations that friends and family alike will love and enjoy.

Consider the traditional holly wreaths for your front door or to hang over the fireplace. Lining the mantelpiece or a stair railing with a string of ivy are two other interesting ideas. You may also wish to use poinsettia plants as centerpieces for tables. Other flowers, when colored red or white, can be used if you desire. Roses are popular, as are carnations and begonias. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

Winter Flowers – Gift Ideas

Winter flowers make excellent gifts, as well. If you know someone who is down due to the cold and dark months, sending them a bouquet or other floral arrangement can really help to liven their spirits and make them feel better. The best person to see about this is your local florist, who specializes in creating attractive and customized arrangements for just this type of purpose.

Stop by their shop and browse their selection of Christmas-themed and regular winter flowers. Chances are, you’ll find something that you like right away. If you have a special idea in mind, you can consult with them to have it created just the way you want it to be. This can be perfect for home decorations or for gifts to friends.

Their online store also offers the same selections and choices, but with the added convenience of allowing you to arrange for ordering and delivery without the need to leave your home or office. That can be extremely handy for busy people, or for when the weather does not permit you to go shopping.

Whatever your reasons, winter flowers can be key components in battling depression and sour moods during the coldest time of year. By being reminded of life, warmth and the springtime, it makes it somewhat easier to endure the wait. And, at the very least, it offers an affordable and entertaining means of decorating your home.

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