Wedding Reception Flowers – Expert Planning Guide

Wedding Reception Flowers and Their Importance

Wedding reception flowers play an integral part in the decorating and preparation of the entire ceremony, and may in fact be one of the most important aspects of the entire event. Although the ceremony itself is the highlight of the evening, it is the reception where the bridal party and guests will usually end up spending the most time.

As a result of this, it is usually in the bride’s best interest to focus the majority of her attention and budget upon preparing the reception so as to leave the best impression with the guests. Wedding reception flowers are a key element when it comes to doing this. Not only are floral arrangements a traditional and time-honored tool for weddings, they are also the easiest, most budget-friendly means of getting the results you desire.

Wedding Reception Flowers and Ideas for Their Use

When considering possible arrangements of wedding reception flowers to choose, your options are many and varied. This works well thanks to the fact that pretty much every idea you can come up with can be accommodated, and that even the most unorthodox of tastes can usually be satisfied. We’ve put together a basic list of ideas that should help you with preliminary planning.

The first thing to realize is that the entrance sets the mood. What this means is that the first thing your guests will see is the entrance to the reception, and their impression will dictate their mood for the rest of the ceremony. Accordingly, you’ll want to pay special attention to decorating this area. There are a number of things you may consider:

· Doorway garlands – Consider stringing floral garlands over the doorway to create an artificial archway. Of course, if you have room, you can create a real arch dominated by your chosen wedding reception flowers.

· Rose petal carpet – Strewing rose petals or those of your chosen wedding reception flowers about the floor outside and in the doorway adds a nice and elegant touch to the ceremony. If people are enjoying the impression of walking down a natural red carpet, their moods will heighten appropriately.

· Flanking arrangements – By flanking the doorway with arrangements of your preferred wedding reception flowers, you can enhance the arch feeling while providing displays of beautiful blooms that people can see (and smell) with ease.

As important as the entrance is, you certainly cannot afford to neglect the interior! As such, consider several things. First, how will you be arranging the tables and chairs? How many people will be present? The amount of space available can hint at where the best locations for arrangements are. Secondly, have you selected a particular theme?

For example, you may have chosen a seasonal theme, or one based on the location of the ceremony (for example, if you are in a tropical locale). You may also have chosen one based on a significant personal interest or past event. Whatever you’ve chosen, it is important that your wedding reception flowers all match this theme. Even the slightest mismatch can become awkward for you and your guests.

The cake is the centerpiece of the reception, which means special attention needs to be paid to it. People will be expecting an elaborate, breathtaking cake, and that can easily be achieved by creating one that incorporates themed wedding reception flowers into its design. Many types of blossoms are edible, and can enhance natural flavor of sweet foods, so they might make a great decorating for the cake.

Bouquets or centerpieces for each table are crucial, as every guest needs something to admire within easy sight of their seating place. The most elaborate one should be reserved for the table of the wedding party itself, but make sure that it matches the smaller bouquets as closely as possible. This will create an atmosphere that your guests will love.

Wedding Reception Flowers – Additional Ideas

These are just a small assortment of ideas for how to incorporate wedding reception flowers into your ceremony. They are a great start, and alone can actually work well by creating a great ambiance. You may wish to seek out more elaborate ideas, or advice on certain types of wedding reception flowers and their matching arrangements. The best people to see about this are those who work at your local florist shop.

They will have a great amount of experience when it comes to planning ceremonies and in utilizing wedding reception flowers in general, so they should be able to come up with something to match any situation or idea. You can also have them arrange for delivery directly to the wedding venue, which is the easiest way to get your wedding reception flowers there fresh and on time.

Check out their online inventory before heading down to the store to get a good idea of what wedding reception flowers they have available, and to inspire you to come up with unique and intricate designs. This will enhance your enjoyment while planning.

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