Anthurium Spice Flowers Becoming More Popular

Anthurium Spice

With the increasing popularity of flowers as gifts, many people are beginning to look for more unique and exotic varieties to spice up bouquets and arrangements. This is not a new practice, and has been enjoyed for centuries. As explorers from Europe began to discover new lands and new species, it became popular to collect them for personal gardens and displays.

The Anthurium spice flower lends itself well to this desire, with its name fitting in nicely with its abilities to enhance the appearance of arrangements. The vibrant reds and greens make great stand-alone features or combine well with white blossoms of other flower species to create beautiful arrangements suitable for many occasions.

Facts about Anthurium

The Anthurium is a large genus containing between six and eight hundred different species, with new ones being discovered on a yearly basis. It is most commonly located in central and south America, with the vast majority of species being centralized within Panama, Columbia and Ecuador. Some species can be found in Mizoram in India.

Anthurium flowers are small, heart-shaped and characterized by the presence of a spike-shaped protrusion growing out of the center. This protrusion is referred to as a spadix, and is common to all members of the arum family (to which the Anthurium belongs). Anthurium spice flowers in particular are known for vibrant red and green flowers, with a spadix that is usually reddish-purple.

Because of the visual appeal, Anthurium is often included in many floral displays, and is quite commonly ordered by customers to add “spiciness” to arrangements. One additional appeal is that the flowers are capable of lasting over thirty days in a vase once cut, meaning that a bouquet won’t wilt and die the day after you bring it home.

Anthurium as Home Decorations

You may not be used to considering tropical flowers as suitable for interior decoration. Many people elect wildflowers or gentle “country” varieties that you can grow in your garden. The fact is that Anthurium and other tropical plants can do well as decorations, especially when paired up with complimentary objects that help to highlight their general appearance.

Anthurium spice, with its showy reds and greens, go well in a home largely featuring other red flowers or red decorations. Likewise, a room populated with green furniture can benefit from these flowers without causing a nasty clash. You may wish to avoid Anthurium if your home is primarily blue or yellow, as the red/green color combination tends not to be as good in these situations.

One idea for using Anthurium includes mixing it together with other plant species to produce an attractive coffee table centerpiece. Matching the centerpiece with end table and mantelpiece bouquets can create a very attractive combination that will impress guests and make your home more livable. You may also find they are a good choice for the bathroom, where flowers are not usually found.

Another idea considers the Anthurium as a valid alternative to traditional Christmas plants like holly, ivy and poinsettia. If you can find it during that time of the year (may be easier depending upon where in the world you live), combining Anthurium with the above or replacing them entirely can result in a striking arrangement with a unique and tropical twist.

Anthurium for Gifts

In addition to home decorations, Anthurium spice flowers go very well with other romantic species like roses. This can present you with new options for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, where more traditional arrangements may be considered a bit on the boring side. Your significant other will certainly enjoy a uniquely creative display.

Linked to the above home decorating tips, using Anthurium in Christmas bouquets and baskets allows you to utilize the classic red and green combination while introducing something new that the recipients of your gifts might not expect. At Christmas time, anything new and exciting is bound to be well received by whomever you are buying it for, and definitely beats the dreaded socks and underwear.

Consider mixing Anthurium with holly or ivy to create a wreath or adding it to a gift basket containing cakes, jams, candles and other popular items. If a bouquet is more to your liking, complimenting white flowers with the vibrant colors of Anthurium spice will help to liven up a room. Remember the vase life of this species and you’ll realize that it makes a great choice as a gift.

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