Chrysanthemum Black Eye

Chrysanthemum Black Eye Introduced

A new cut of chrysanthemum, the chrysanthemum black eye, has been recently introduced and is available in limited quantity through florists. This particular variety of chrysanthemum is characterized by a small black center ringed with pale green and large white petals, creating the appearance of an eye. These flowers can last in a vase for up to three weeks, making them a great choice for many arrangements.

It is rare that new flower species are introduced to the market, and even rarer that one is capable of changing the face of an entire product group. Because of this, the popularity of chrysanthemum black eye is estimated to grow exponentially. Efforts are being made to increase availability, and it will not be long before this cut of flower of available in any florist’s shop on a daily basis.

Chrysanthemum Facts

Chrysanthemums were cultivated in China as a flowering herb as far back as the 15th century BC. The flower was introduced into Japan probably in the 8th century AD, and the Emperor adopted the flower as his official seal. Its popularity in Asia continues to this day, and has spread throughout most of the world. The versatility and visual appeal of the chrysanthemum makes it an important crop.

This versatility is granted by the sheer number of color and visual combinations that can be created with mums. Pinks, whites, reds and more are available, making it a popular choice on Valentine’s Day, for anniversaries, and as general gifts for a significant other. In addition, the chrysanthemum is often associated with weddings and funerals because of its delicate and gentle appearance.

Modern chrysanthemums are much showier than their wild relatives. The flowers occur in various forms, and can be daisy-like or decorative, resembling pom-poms or buttons. There are literally thousands of cultivars and hybrids that have been developed for the floral industry, causing the chrysanthemum to nearly rival the rose in global popularity.

Chrysanthemum Decorating Ideas

When decorating the interior of your home, you can’t go wrong with a bouquet or arrangement of chrysanthemum blossoms. You can select from a wide color range to match existing decorations to complete or balance a theme, and can use the natural beauty to enhance other important objects you’ve placed around a room.

Consider decorating a coffee table with an elaborate centerpiece that combines chrysanthemum flowers with other varieties to create a desired look. A floral centerpiece can serve as both a conversation item and as the highlight of the room itself, and is a great substitute for other traditional items. You can further enhance them with candles and other decorative objects.

If you have a pair of end tables next to a couch or chair, a pair of matching vases stuffed with chrysanthemum flowers can make a lovely addition to the living room. A mantelpiece can receive similar benefits from the chrysanthemum, so long as you remember to match existing color schemes. Little can be worse than a clashing room!

Other creative ideas include using a wall-mounted vase on each side of an archway or large door. For example, you could place a small bouquet of mums on each side of the arch between the dining room and kitchen, effectively giving it a medieval or renaissance look that guests will appreciate and enjoy.

Chrysanthemum Gift Ideas

If gifts are more your thing, or if you’re already satisfied with the interior of your home, you can instead take advantage of the chrysanthemum in the form of gifts for friends and family. As mentioned above, Valentine’s Day makes a great opportunity to give a bouquet of chrysanthemums to a loved one. Remember that pink, white and red are all available. Mixes and solid-color bouquets can both work well.

For a wedding, you may wish to consider a gift in the form of chrysanthemum arrangements for the bride and groom. Additionally, if you’re planning a wedding, you may wish to include them as a primary feature in the decoration. The new chrysanthemum black eye variation can be suitable for this due to the delicate white petals.

For a funeral, a casket spray or wreath of mums is suitable due to its reserved and peaceful nature. Unlike other flowers, which might be considered inappropriately colorful or elaborate, the chrysanthemum makes a perfect choice for funerals or memorial services. Consider a bouquet as a gift for a bereaving family as well, which is often a very well-received gesture.

Remember that you can take advantage of same-day local delivery of flower and plant species. You can also use the online site to place orders without needing to visit the physical store. This can make it easy to search for and place chrysanthemum orders if you are busy or otherwise unable to make it out in time.

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