Customer Service is a Big Deal for Florists

Customer Service and Why it is Important

The lifeblood of a company is often believed to be money or the products and services they offer. The truth is that the most important tool to ensure a company’s success is the customers themselves. Without customers there can be no sales and thus no flow of cash to finance future projects. Because of this, providing top quality customer service is crucial to ensuring a business survives.

Customer service can take on many forms. The most common are telephone customer service lines, web-based FAQs and help sections, and friendly policies that enhance the overall shopping experience. A business that combines these successfully is one that tends to do the best as far as repeat and loyal customers are concerned. Happy customers are people willing to come back a second time.

What a Florist Does to Enhance Customer Service

Given the above facts, having an advanced customer service policy and an attitude that works towards maintaining one are both assets that a company can benefit from. Happy customers are more likely to refer their friends and to come back a second and third time, meaning that a company benefits from this increased business that directly results from their own efforts.

Your florist will be striving to maintain an exceptional customer service system which treats every transaction as special and unique. It is the combination of the following ideas that helps to transform a shopping experience from average to amazing:

· Website – The online store maintained by your florist offers all of the services of their brick-and-mortar location and combines it with the convenience of ordering online. This provides customer service by allowing you to select from amongst several available purchasing options instead of being force to choose only one.

The website will have the same inventory as the regular store, providing you with the ability to order anything you could possibly desire. Once you have selected something you like, you can take advantage of the secure online ordering form to make payment safe and easy for all parties involved in the process. You can also place delivery orders one the website, saving you from having to do so in person.

Your florist’s website can offer great customer service to you if you are often too busy to visit the physical location. The entire shopping experience can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home or from the office without having to leave. This aspect of customer service can be perfect for last-minute gifts or for making arrangements when time would not normally allow it.

· Customer Service Policies – Your florist will offer customer service policies that put it in a league beyond other retail industries. Rather than simply selling you what they have stored in the back room, the florist will actually go out to fill your orders depending on what it is that you require.

For example, if you’re ordering a complex and intricate fruit basket requiring certain items be present, the florist will head out to the market to acquire the freshest and highest quality fruit to place within. This type of customer service creates goods worth buying and giving as gifts, and helps to enhance the enjoyment everyone experiences in the end.

In addition to this, delivery policies are designed for convenience. Same-day domestic and local delivery is guaranteed. What this means is that you can place an order in the morning and it will arrive the very same day. This ability to send a gift today can help you get a head start on shopping or to overcome last-minute gifts if you’ve forgotten someone.

Next-day international delivery is also offered to ensure that you can get your gifts to the recipients in a speedy manner. The entire process is managed through a network of florists, preventing any lengthy trips from being required of the item itself. Unlike many other businesses, this is another great example of a florist’s customer service policies.

Customer Service Advancements

Thanks to the technology of the internet, many companies can begin new customer service campaigns to broaden the experience for everyone. Social networking is a sign of things to come, meaning that guest books, comment sections, forums and more are all possibilities for implementation in company websites. This enhances the customer service experience further by allowing greater communication.

One other often-overlooked customer service benefit of a florist’s website is that it is open twenty four hours a day. Unlike the physical store, you can log on to site and place an order at three in the morning if need be. For night-shift workers or night owls in general, this can allow you to shop when you’re at your best, and is an excellent example of customer service in play.

As customer service policies advance further and begin integrating with the internet more fluently, you can rest assured that your shopping experience will be enhanced even further, making the future of shopping a bright one for us all.

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